by brian on October 28, 2008


We at nodebtworldtravel.com – OK – there is no “we”, just “me”, strive to investigate the world and all its different customs. Today we’ll discuss Hawaii’s love of a particular processed food product.

If you didn’t know, Hawaii has a fierce obsession with SPAM. SPAM from Hormel. The kind you eat.

A quick Google search points to World War II, when food was rationed and all Hawaiians had to eat was canned goods. And so a whole chain of islands became SPAM lovers.

Anyway when we going to Mauna Kea, we stopped at 7-11 for drinks and snacks for the ride. And in the the refrigerated section, guess what I see.



 HAWAII Loves SPAM!!Musubi is SPAM and rice wrapped in seaweed, almost like sushi, but not quite.
Then I remember that McDonalds and Burger King serve SPAM as part of their menus here in Hawaii. There is a McDonalds two blocks away so I check it out this morning.

This is what I got.

We have eggs, rice and two cuts of SPAM with a packet of soy sauce. Blown away! I know McDonalds and other restaurant chains customize their menus according to local tastes, but SPAM? And rice? I need to get out more…

I tried to eat this but I could not force this down. The SPAM is full of sodium and the white rice is not much better either. Definitely not Uncle Ben’s, I’ll tell you that.

Side note: When I rang up my bill at 7-11 on Saturday, I bought some nuts, gum and mozzerella sticks. I already had a sandwich in the van from earlier.

Total price at the counter: $7.11

Should that be an omen?

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