It’s Possible – Yes It Is

by brian on October 14, 2008

First MAJOR THANKS to everyone who wrote to wish me luck, had tips on people to talk to or places to go to or who just wanted to convey their jealousy that I’m going and they are not. It’s all good. I’ll live it up for you too.

Something like this is not something you wake up and decide to do. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. Too many late nights watching The Travel Channel and seeing Bourdain and Zimmern having all the fun.

Anyone can create their own round the world itinerary. Just takes a little imagination…or not. You can pick a theme.

The only rule is that you have to cross both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on one ticket and finish where you start. You can go east to west or west to east. If you start in London, you must end up in London at the end. If you start in Tokyo you need to finish there. Pretty simple right?

Great Religious Sites of the World Theme
USA – Japan – India – Saudia Arabia – Jordan – Egypt – Israel – Italy – USA

Seven Wonders of the World Theme – New School Edition
USA – Mexico – Peru – Brazil – Italy – Egypt – Jordan – India – China – USA

Street Fighter II Theme
USA – Japan – China – Thailand – India – Russia – Spain – Brazil – USA
bonus if you can name the characters without looking

Another thing that holds people is the price. They say, “I took a two week vacation and it cost me $2K to $4K. How much is going to all these places going to cost me?”

The answer is: Not as much as you think.

I used AIRTREKS for my ticket. If you go to their site they have specials right on the front page.

See, not so expensive after all considering you are hitting multiple countries all at once. Once I saw that, I said, “I’m in!”

Next time – why I chose where I am going…

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