Next Leg of the Journey – JAPAN!

by brian on October 28, 2008

I may not have Internet access for the next few days so…

I take off for Tokyo tomorrow the 29th from Hilo, HI. Quick flight at 10:30 AM local (4:30 PM ET) back to Honolulu, and then a 9 hour flight from Honolulu to Narita Airport in Japan. I’m arriving in Tokyo 5:30PM local time Thursday the 30th. Tokyo is 12-13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard.

While on the plane(s) I will be

trying to cram as much Japanese as I can
trying to chop up some video – my laptop battery dies pretty quickly
sleeping, reading and generally trying to pass the time

You got something you want me to investigate in Tokyo, someplace to see, someone to meetup with? Reach out to me @ 4aroundtheworld @ gmail dot com or any of the other addresses you know me by. Love the emails folks send me. Thanks to everyone who has written. Keep them coming and tell your friends and family to check out the blog!

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