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by brian on October 31, 2008

Remember a few posts back I said that if you had any requests while I was here in Japan or anyplace else, no matter how seemingly off the wall, to send me a note and I’ll try to help out. This is a letter I got early this week from someone I had never met before…

Hi Brian, I signed up for the blog — and I do hope at some point to have a reason to blog about traveling around the world! I do have a favor to ask of you –if you get this while you are in Japan and you at all have a moment (this is really asking you to go out of your way so if it Brandon+Ross   Making Dreams Come True Since October 2008!doesn’t happen I totally understand) I have a favor to ask. I’m going to give you as much information as I can.

My guitar teacher, Brandon Ross (at left), is an avant jazz guitarist who is signed to a record label in Japan called Intoxicate Records. Thus, his CDs are only available in Japan (you can imagine my thoughts on that). I could download the music but I want the liners. Brandon records with Stomu Takeishi and together they are called “For Living Lovers” (They also play with a couple of other guys in an incarnation called “Blazing Beauty”). His discography includes titles like “Puppet” and “Costume”.

If you should happen to be around a place that sells CDs and you should happen to come upon music by Brandon Ross, could you let me know? I’m happy to get money to you to make a purchase. Again, I recognize that this is REALLY out of the ordinary, so if it doesn’t happen, it is absolutely just fine. But, just on the off chance . . . icon smile   Making Dreams Come True Since October 2008! .

Happy journeys, XXXXXXXXXXXX

And you know me…I like a challenge.

I asked around to about 5 different places until I found the CDs.

An aside: Do you know which two phrases I know in Japanese? Do you know which two phrases have carried me my entire time here in Japan?

Hello – Konnichiwa
Thank you very much – Domo arrigato

That is it! The complete sum of my Japanese vocabulary. And I can find rare music titles in obscure Japanese record stores….

The writer is so happy she is going to going to buy me dinner. Did someone say free food? Thank you very much!

Isn’t life about creating win-win situations? This is a perfect example. Lesson for today.

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