Tracking My Location on the Road

by brian on October 11, 2008

What does this

 Tracking My Location on the Road

have in common with this?

SPOT Tracking My Location on the Road

THE ANSWER: Both are used to call for help.

The first is from a popular cartoon of the 1980s.

The second is a real product, the Satellite Personal Tracker or SPOT. As long as you have an unobstructed view of the sky, you can track your location worldwide on Google Maps and even send up a distress signal that can be answered by local authorities. This is extremely useful where there is no cell phone coverage.

I bought it last week and have been testing it with mixed results. I’m in New York City so I can’t say I have unobstructed views of the sky even in the best scenarios. But I think it works well enough that I can use it on the trip.

Since I will have my GSM cell phone, I could enable tracking on that with 3rd party software. I’ve never used it, but will test.

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