Bangkok – Not So Dangerous

by brian on November 12, 2008

I’m realizing that Bangkok is one of those towns that you see in a few days…and then you leave before the mystique wears off. Like Vegas. I done most of what I wanted to do here and I’m planning my next move. But before that happens, let’s recap….

 Bangkok   Not So DangerousMy plane to Bangkok at Narita International in Tokyo. My flight from Tokyo to Bangkok was on Thai Air.

 Bangkok   Not So DangerousLet me say that Thai Air knows how to create people right. In coach we got a full meal and then a sandwich an hour before landing. I even had TWO decent sized shrimp in a shrimp salad they served. And we had metal utensils. Bless you Thai Air!

This was the pork AKA the other white meat with green (I think spinach) pasta.

 Bangkok   Not So DangerousThe is a tuk-tuk, the quick form of transport in Bangkok. It is basically a lawn mower engine on three wheels. No doors. My driver here was turning off the engine at stop lights to save gas.

 Bangkok   Not So DangerousI’m smiling now but….

 Bangkok   Not So DangerousThis ride is not for those of you with asthma. You are basically breathing car and bus fumes. No benefit of an air filter. But man it is a rush! You can reach out and touch the cars and trucks around you in traffic.

 Bangkok   Not So DangerousThen I signed up for a boat ride up the Chao Phraya River. Complete waste of time! Ok, maybe not, but not everything I expected.

Don’t go swimming in that water!

 Bangkok   Not So DangerousNice shots from the water!

 Bangkok   Not So DangerousThe one thing about this is: You have the entire boat to yourself. But you have no tour guide. The guy manning the boat behind me did just that, nothing else.

I’ve got more pictures coming from the rest of this day coming up….

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Bathabile November 13, 2008 at 9:23 AM

I’m glad you survive the tuk-tuk. I had forgotten about the fumes; all I can remember is watching the cars coming head-on. Apparently my driver had a death wish that yours didn’t! :) Try getting out of the city if you can. That is where the really interesting stuff is — temples and the floating market, etc.


brian November 13, 2008 at 2:04 PM

@bathabile – working on getting out the city. Will post up in the blog.


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