In Ao Nang, Thailand

by brian on November 16, 2008

This round the world trip continues…

Yesterday took a flight with two other Americans I met at the hostel in Bangkok, Mark and Ross, to Krabi, Thailand.

We spent the night in a 150 baht per person (Thai currency) bungalow. That comes out to $4.31. That is not a type-o. Four dollars and thirty one cents.

The place was a basic room with three beds, and a toilet that flushes when you fill a bucket with water and pour in. Old school! But it was wasn’t bad. We even had a mosquito net over the beds.

This morning we traveled about 20-30 minutes to Ao Nang, Thailand. Now we are near Phuket, about an hour by boat. Don’t know if we’ll make it over, but every beach here is gorgeous.

No pictures today but I do have some resources for you to look at to plan your own adventure. Travel does not have to cost alot, I promise you. If you’re not willing to strike out on your own, these tour deals are great budget plays, with excellent opportunity for adventure and interesting experiences.

Gap Adventures

Intrepid Tours

While you look at the sites above, I’ve got to figure where to go next….

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Alegna November 16, 2008 at 10:24 AM

BriBri: I’m sooooo jealous. But I’m VERY HAPPY about the postcards! Keep ‘em coming! Spoke to Tom earlier this week and told him about what you’re up to. Passed on the site info to him. He seemed super happy :)

Anyway – much love. Stay safe.
Miss Alegna


Naomi November 16, 2008 at 10:46 PM

I can only imagine. Thailand – here i come – in a few years.

Thanks for getting me closer.
It is a joy living vicariously through you!

Travel on and safe!

Naomi, Scott and Baby Randolph
(to make an appearance soon)


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