Some Interesting People Along the Way

by brian on November 10, 2008

You know when it’s time to leave someplace? When the weather turns 10-15 degrees colder in the matter of a day.

Scheduled High for Tokyo Tomorrow: 59 Degrees F
Scheduled High for Bangkok Tomorrow: 85 Degrees F

Goodbye Tokyo! Had a great time, but the weather told me to get OUT….

The cast of characters I have met in almost 3 weeks of travel has been one of the best parts of the trip. They say everyone has a story to tell and everyone has a book in them. All of these people can say yes to both those statements.

 Some Interesting People Along the Way Harajuku, Japan
Kennard – Met him just passing by on the sidewalk in Tokyo. We start to talking about life, travel, Obama. We had to have stood out there for at least 20 minutes.

 Some Interesting People Along the WayHarajuku, Japan
Kenny – An immigrant to Tokyo from Nigeria. Been here 20 years with a Japanese wife and 5 kids. He sells hotdogs from a small truck painted a bright mustard yellow. I respect your hustle Kenny!

 Some Interesting People Along the WayRoppongi, Japan
Jeff – An Nigerian immigrant to Japan. Been here 8 years and has his own barbershop salon for various hairstyles. If you’re in Tokyo, check him out. I got my haircut from him.

 Some Interesting People Along the WayAsakusa, Japan
Shiori – my Brooklyn/Tokyo connection. Showing me the foods of Tokyo – and keeping my sake glass full.

You need to get off the phone so we can eat!

Shiori, if you’re reading this, lots of pictures to keep your attention…

 Some Interesting People Along the WayAsakusa, Japan
Kumseong, Anita and Joel – How we got into a 3 hour discussion in the hostel common area is not of concern. The fact is that we did, and had a blast doing it.

 Some Interesting People Along the WayKamakura, Japan
3 Random Japanese Guys – Was walking the grounds in Kamakura when one of them approaches me and asks where I am from. This proceeds into a 3 minute use of sign language, body language, pointing at my Yankee cap and any other way to communicate. All smiles afterward.

 Some Interesting People Along the WayHilo, Hawaii
Ty – My roommate at the Hilo Bay Hostel in Hawaii. Just so happens to be from Thailand so I ask him a bunch of questions. Says when I visit to look him up. I emailed him today before I leave for Bangkok and he responded. Excellent!

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Suzanne November 10, 2008 at 2:33 PM

Thanks for the updates Brian! Keep ‘em coming


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