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by brian on November 19, 2008

needle A Worthwhile Cause   Please Help Out
I’m back in Bangkok and getting ready to go to Cambodia. I’ve got to start taking my malaria meds today. Need to take them starting 2 days before I arrive in Cambodia and for 7 continuous days after I leave the country.

I thought about skipping Cambodia, but the malaria med I’m using called maladrone cost $8.50 a pill. I’m going to Cambodia just to use these pills. Can’t go to waste at that price!

I’ll do a whole other post about how many inoculations and shots I’ve had in the last year and a half. Depending on where you are going, that is a sneaky cost you don’t see until you get started planning your trip.

While I get the next blog post ready for your viewing pleasure, you’ve got to visit my friend Sabrina’s website @ WorldofMoney.org

From the site

WorldofMoney.org (WoM) is a New York City based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization focused on improving the financial literacy of underserved youth ages 12 – 18. To this end, WOM has created a Training Institute consisting of workshops and activities designed to groom these students to become financially responsible adults. The Summer Youth Financial Literacy Training Institute will consist of a Money Track curriculum offering key topics such as budgeting, money management, investing, disciplined saving and responsible credit card usage. Moreover, WoM has assembled an impressive group of leaders from the world of finance, real estate and academia as well as successful entrepreneurs to serve as workshop presenters, course instructors and activity leaders.

How many of us wish we knew what we know now about money, finances, credit card debt, buying a home, stocks, bonds, etc. Sabrina is trying to deliver this information to teens before they grow into adults. By then it may be too late. Support and help if you can with your time, your money, or both.

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