Debbie and the Ex-Pats

by brian on December 14, 2008

No, no, not the name of a new band…

While Ilma got me to Hong Kong, it was Debbie and her band of Hong Kong ex-pats who filled in the time with plenty to do.

An expatriate or ex-pat is someone who moves from their home country to another to work or for school. And Hong Kong is full of people from all over the world who have transferred full time, have come for part time work, finishing grad school, etc.

Hong Kong is a very transient city. Many workers come here for a few months or years and then leave. They get their international experience or finished their degree and then make the next move.

Which makes the ex-pats in Hong Kong a wonderful collection of people from all around the world.

To Debbie and the Ex-Pats: I say a BIG thank you for making my Hong Kong experience as memorable as it was. Who would have thought I would be here 2 1/2 weeks. You all are great people BUT I will/must get on that plane Sunday!

 Debbie and the Ex Pats
 Debbie and the Ex Pats

 Debbie and the Ex Pats
 Debbie and the Ex Pats
 Debbie and the Ex Pats

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Debbie December 15, 2008 at 7:20 AM

Good times man, good times. It was fantastic meeting you and having you chill with us. Hope our paths cross again someday…


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