Fun Stuff in South Africa

by brian on December 21, 2008

Beyond the heavy political and economic issues of South Africa, Cape Town has a remarkable amount of things to do. Skydiving, parasailing, deep sea diving, hiking, biking, the list is virtually endless. Combine that with fantastic weather (highs in the 80s, little humidity) and you’ve got a great place for an active vacation.

I went to the top of Table Mountain that overlooks Cape Town, aptly named because the top is level. Magnificent views of Cape Town and the Atlantic from there. Table Mountain, Signal Hill and Lion’s Head make up the 3 natural structures that overlook Cape Town.

Me on top of Table Mountain, with Robben Island in the background

 Fun Stuff in South Africa Fun Stuff in South Africa

An inhabitant of Table Mountain giving readers a hello from South Africa
 Fun Stuff in South AfricaAcross from Table Mountain is another structure called Lion’s Head

 Fun Stuff in South Africa
I also went to Seal Island. Had to catch a ship from Hout Bay, a 20 minute drive from downtown Cape Town. The trip was JUST 38 rand ($4US). The conversion rate is ridiculously good here. I had a few sit down, waiter attended, good silverware, in restaurant steak meals for $10-12US. Other meals, again sit down with a waiter, for less than $8US. For Americans the dollar goes far here, unlike in Europe.

At the Hout Bay dock, a resident makes an appearance on shore for a meet and greet

 Fun Stuff in South Africa

Seal Island, is full of….you guessed it, seals. The boat ride to Seal Island was longer than the time we spent looking at the seals. We were hoping to see a great white shark try to come in and grab a seal for lunch but no such luck. The potential was there though. Fun Stuff in South AfricaSummer beach scene. You’re just replacing humans with THOUSANDS of seals.

 Fun Stuff in South Africa
More madcap antics on the way….

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