I Landed in South Africa…

by brian on December 16, 2008

…and hit the ground running.

After OVER 24 hours of continuous travel…

Hong Kong to Bangkok – 3 hour flight – 2 hour wait at Bangkok
Bangkok to Doha – 7 hour flight – 7 hour wait at Doha
Doha to Johannesburg – 8 hour flight – 1 hour wait at Johannesburg – It was the same plane so we did not even get off the plane in Joburg
Johannesburg to Cape Town- 2 hour flight

I have the following to report:

The airport food in Doha International is horrible. Simply horrible. If you’re ever coming this way, prepare to force down some stale stuff or bring something with you.

You better have a return ticket if you’re traveling internationally. Qatar Air was not going to let me board the plane to Doha because they couldn’t figure out how I was getting out of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

And I say, what concern is that of yours?! I’m going from Bangkok to Doha.

I know, I know terrorism and all that, but I was getting really angry. I had to go to an Internet terminal in Bangkok Airport and print to an old itinerary that had the wrong dates just to show them. I still don’t have a flight set out of Addis Ababa so it doesn’t really show anything different.

It is amazing that with air travel you can be anywhere on the planet in a matter of hours. Want/Need to be somewhere, anywhere? Buy your ticket, get on the plane and get there. Sounds really simple doesn’t it?

More posts coming on my first full days in South Africa!

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