A Message from My Roommates, Especially for the Ladies…

by brian on December 9, 2008

Before I went for Macau last Saturday, I had two female roommates in my 4 bed dorm in Hong Kong.

Both are traveling solo and have a message for everyone.

Get out there and see the world!

Melissa is from California and took a month off to see Asia. What she said I’ve said to other people.

“If I waited for my friends to go somewhere, I would never go ANYWHERE!”

So true Melissa, so true. Stop waiting for the girlfriend to free up her schedule or get the money or find a baby sitter. The world is not that scary and you can do it by yourself.
 A Message from My Roommates, Especially for the Ladies...
Clare is from New Zealand and has been on the road OVER 3 years continuously. She been working on the road to support her travels and is preparing to go home to New Zealand after Hong Kong.
 A Message from My Roommates, Especially for the Ladies...
I respect these ladies immensely because women have a hard enough time going to the bathroom in a restaurant by themselves. For them to hit the road is fantastic. As much as you don’t see African American travelers, you also don’t see many women solo travelers of any persuasion.

The question you must ask yourself: If these ladies can travel far and wide for months and sometimes YEARS at a time, why can’t you?

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Kymbugs December 11, 2008 at 6:49 AM

I’m glad you mentioned this Brian. It really is quite easy to travel these days. Of course as a woman travelling solo you need to take precautions – use your common sense really.
I’m an African woman who travelled solo for 3 months to various destinations- East and South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. It was a blast! And I made a lot of friends along the way


Sarah January 23, 2009 at 5:05 PM


Thanks for thinking of the Ladies here!

I agree its much a male dominated activity. I can only speak for SE Asia, but female solo travelers are treated with a lot of respect. I never felt at danger by any men. Often times they will bend over backwards for you!


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