Postcard Update – South Africa

by brian on December 19, 2008

South African postcards were dropped in the mail.

The cards were so nice I bought 5 extra.

Five extra – ladies and gentlemen, going once…going twice….

So if you’ve been lurking (and there are many of you slowly coming out of the shadows) and too shy to ask for a postcard, this is your time to shine and speak up.

Just click “GET A *REAL* POSTCARD” and follow the instructions. You’ll get a postcard from the one of the most southern locations on the planet Earth.

I’m actually closer to Antarctica than to most other countries in the world right now. Impress friends, family and your mailman/woman!

I’m really happy the Cambodian postcards are being delivered, some 3-4 weeks after I mailed them. Just had to give Cambodia some time, that’s all.

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