Last Thoughts on Paris – And See the Mona Lisa

by brian on January 28, 2009

Before we get full on into Amsterdam, a few things about Paris…

The French are not THAT rude. There are a few among them that give them a bad name.

The French need to curb their dogs more. There were all these little doogie landmines all over the streets of Paris. Apparently they don’t like to pick it up.

Hey Parisians, you can pick up your dog’s poop. It will not kill you.

One thing that surprised me: How antiquated the subway system is. On doors on certain lines of the Metro, the PASSENGERS have to open the doors themselves at every stop. Before I realized this I would be waiting at the door, wondering why it doesn’t open and then someone would push past me and open the door by pushing a green button or lifting a latch.

They are so used to it, I saw some people opening the door while the train was still moving coming into the station.

But beyond all the little stuff had a great time in Paris and would go back again. Tracy, if you see my cell number on your phone you know why!

I went to the Louvre and totally forget the Mona Lisa was there. Here is it!

 Last Thoughts on Paris   And See the Mona LisaKind of disappointing isn’t it? It is much smaller in person. The TV always makes the Mona Lisa seem like a huge, 5 foot tall painting. Certainly not the case. It sits behind protective glass because no matter how many times they tell people not to take pictures, they still do. So the glass blocks the camera flashes that could degrade the paint.

 Last Thoughts on Paris   And See the Mona LisaCrowds looking at the Mona Lisa. I think it’s funny. Why is this painting so famous? You don’t even know do you? I’m still not sure myself, and I was there.

But don’t go to the Louvre for the Mona Lisa. It has 35,000 pieces of art and antiquities on display so there is something for everyone. You can spend two weeks there and still not see everything. Amazing! I spent 3 hours in there and I was done. I focused the Egyptian and Greek items. I always find that stuff fascinating.

 Last Thoughts on Paris   And See the Mona Lisa

Also went to the Rodin Museum, where I saw the ORIGINAL 2 foot tall “The Thinker” statue and the much larger version that sits outside the museum. Even took a picture with it.

 Last Thoughts on Paris   And See the Mona LisaDon’t worry, the baby in the stroller and the toddler wandering into my shot were both claimed by their respective parents…

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Tracy January 27, 2009 at 7:11 PM

Looking forward to that call!
À bientôt–Tracy


Alegna January 29, 2009 at 10:54 AM

check your email hon! have a friend in Amsterdam trying to reach out to you!!!



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