2009 Greece

by brian on February 4, 2009

We all know about Greece’s ancient history, the fantastic monuments, etc.

Let me bring you into 2009…

I ran into a protest by farmers demanding more aid from the Greek government. With the worldwide economic downturn they are hurting and they are looking for their government’s help.

Notice how the pics are from a distance. The riot police may not take kindly to me taking photographs so I discreetly did it.

 2009 Greece
 2009 Greece 2009 Greece
One thing about Athens you’ll find is the number of dogs just running the streets. If you’re scared of dogs, you might be a little nervous. But generally they seem docile, but I’m not going up to them to find that out firsthand.

So I did a little research (Google) and found out that years ago after a videotape of inhumane conditions at a pound surfaced and the mayor of the town was arrested and sent to jail, every other mayor dissolved his or her local dog pound to sidestep PERSONAL liability. Hence dogs running wild.

I saw the dog at the entrance to the Parthenon, I saw the sign and I said “Perfect!”

 2009 GreeceThis is how many of the dogs look: just laid out, sleeping. They are well-fed and taken cared up. Most of us would consider them strays because they walk around without an owner, but this is how the Greeks do it.

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