Cooking Class and Ayana Speaks!

by brian on February 14, 2009

When in Spain you drink a lot of sangria and eat tapas and paella. Ayana and I signed up for a cooking class where we learned how to make these two quintessential meals. For only 18 Euros, we learned to make it, and then ate as much as we wanted afterward.

We are joined by Kevin, Hannah and Susie, all three from the hostel we were staying at. We started off by making sangria. Wine, sugar, lemon, oranges, apples, and a brandy or rum and a carbonated drink like soda all make up the mixture.

Once we had the sangria to ‘fortify’ us, Carla, our instructor, began to make the paella. On this night: seafood paella.

Unlike Thailand where I made the food myself, Carla did most of the the cooking. But I did get a chance to put my touch on the dish by stirring the pan for 20 ‘fortified’ minutes while the rice cooked.

After dinner Ayana, Susie, Hannah and I sat in the bar and drank the rest of the sangria. They are two 18 year olds from Austrailia, just finished high school and are off on a gap year all around Europe. They will travel and work in Europe for their year and then head home. Great girls and great company!

Commentary from Ayana:

The MasterMix at the Piano Bar

 Cooking Class and Ayana Speaks!

Nice apron Brian, make sure you don’t burn dinner.
 Cooking Class and Ayana Speaks!
Mission accomplished

 Cooking Class and Ayana Speaks!

Bon Appetit!

 Cooking Class and Ayana Speaks!

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ScottFro February 15, 2009 at 12:30 AM

LOL Nice pic of ‘fortified’ Brian stirring it up! Looks like yall are having a blast! Baby girl just got her passport, and if she had gotten her shots already, we might be tempted to join yall!


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