Games of Skill and Let’s Make a Deal

by brian on February 17, 2009

There are no games of chance – only games of skill in the Djemaa el-Fna. One is called soda fishing. I thought they were selling the sodas on the pavement but what they are really for is to frustrate and take your money.

You have a wooden ring attached to a long wooden pole by a string. You’re supposed to get the ring around the top of the soda bottle. Sounds simple? In theory – yes. In practice – nah.
 Games of Skill and Lets Make a Deal
5 dirham (58 cents US) gets you 5 minutes – or until you get tired of it. Ayana and I played for a good 15 minutes and still could not get the ring over the top of the bottle. They don’t ask for the stick back after 5 minutes because they know you will give up….eventually.

Marrakesh is one enormous, sensational shopping mall. The souks sell like everything from newly sculpted cedar to old woolen carpets and freshly ground spices. There are bargains to be had if your negotiation skills are up to the task.

All bright colors popping – those are drying yarns and silks.

 Games of Skill and Lets Make a Deal

Ayana sampling the fabric – and transforms herself Games of Skill and Lets Make a Deal
A master woodman who makes beautiful objects – with his feet! Games of Skill and Lets Make a Deal
The store of the woodman shown above. All gorgeous pieces.

 Games of Skill and Lets Make a DealImagine miles of corridors like the one below. That is what you get in souks with every possible thing you would want to buy. From fragrances and clothing to jewelry and raw silk, you can get it here. The best bargaining advice: Be prepared to walk away. More than likely there is someone next door willing to give you the price you want. But don’t be obnoxious over a few dollars. If you feel the price is fair, pay the price. Remember that vendor has to eat, and so does his or her family.
 Games of Skill and Lets Make a Deal

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Ebonnie February 17, 2009 at 5:56 PM

Im glad to see you made it to Morocco…your are having a ball and doing the damn so excited for your ventures…but im not sure about the snails & pigeon?? so does it tast like chicken? lol…can you get me some moroccan slippers in pink or silver…i wear a US 6.5 (you know im a shoe girl)..enjoy your journey…safe travels…xoxo


Toya February 18, 2009 at 11:13 AM

Go Ayana!
I’m still trying to get over the woodman that makes objects with his feet. I’m addicted to this site. thanks brian


brian February 20, 2009 at 2:39 PM

We already gone homey! Hit Ayana up next time she goes back.

If you’re the addict then I’m the pusher! =) Get your fix and tell your friends too!


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