Going Thru Withdrawal? Get Your Fix Right Now!!

by brian on February 26, 2009

Remember I said there were so many stories I didn’t have time to tell. Well, for those of you going through withdrawal, frantically hitting REFRESH in your web browser, these are some more tales from the road…

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Looking through the ruins of Angkor Wat, I met Australian Bradley and his girlfriend Catherine (Cat). Bradley and I hit it off and he shared with me a secret: He was going to propose to Cat in the ruins of Angkor Wat. This is him giving her the ring. He didn’t get down on one knee, which would have made the shot perfect, but I think Cat was so surprised she didn’t even notice. Somehow, I’m trying to get to Australia for that wedding…

That is a tree growing within the ruins of Angkor Wat behind Cat and Bradley. I’ll find some more shots of that. Going Thru Withdrawal? Get Your Fix Right Now!!
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Notice anything about these two shots? Yes, there are YOUNG children riding on these bikes, with no helmets. In fact no one seems to wear a helmet in Southeast Asia. Most people can’t afford cars and gas is relatively expensive, so everyone rides a scooter or motorbike. And a whole family gets on the family motorbike. Dad in front then children, INCLUDING toddlers, wedged between Mom in the back. Crazy to me as a Westerner with all the motor vehicle laws we have. But when you’re used to doing something since you were born, it becomes second nature.

 Going Thru Withdrawal? Get Your Fix Right Now!!This child in red cannot be more than a year old!

 Going Thru Withdrawal? Get Your Fix Right Now!!
The Venetian, Macau, China

I talked about being an Instant Celebrity in Macau. But you see the woman in the picture below? I’m not sure who she thought I was, but when I had my arm around her to take pictures, she was SHAKING! I tried to pat her to calm her down and say it’s OK, but she probably didn’t understand me.

Or maybe she just felt the power! Yeah baby!
 Going Thru Withdrawal? Get Your Fix Right Now!!
Ao Nang, Thailand

The main reason for me to go to Thailand was to see some muy thai fighting, live and in person. What I did not know was that they start these fighters early. These two look like they can’t be any older than seven. Muy Thai is Thailand’s national sport and a source of pride for the entire country. This is no different than American kids getting involved in Pee Wee football or Little League at young ages. Except that these 7 year olds are trying to knock each others heads off!
 Going Thru Withdrawal? Get Your Fix Right Now!!
 Going Thru Withdrawal? Get Your Fix Right Now!!
Bangkok, Thailand

I don’t eat at McDonald’s much…since I care about my health! But when I was overseas I always stopped into McDonald’s to see what was on the menu. Just like McDonald’s in Hawaii had SPAM with rice, the menu conforms with the local appetites and customs of the local country.

McDonald’s in Bangkok had a shrimp patty on the menu. It wasn’t bad actually, but you could tell it was cooked in the same oil used to make the fries. Hey, why let all that grease go to waste?
 Going Thru Withdrawal? Get Your Fix Right Now!!Also all the Thai McDonald’s had Ronald McDonald in the traditional Thai greeting – a slight bow with hands pressed together. I’m lovin’ it!
IMG 0485 Going Thru Withdrawal? Get Your Fix Right Now!!

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Maya Bandu February 25, 2011 at 6:08 PM

Angkor Wat astounds me. I first read about it a Nat’l Geographic. It’s great that you could visit it! Maybe someday I will, too! Acruise through http://www.ymtvacations.com/ could be good, too.


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