Who Said Amsterdam was Boring? Not Me.

by brian on February 1, 2009

My last night in Amsterdam was spent with Wytze and Ozlem, newlyweds in Amsterdam referred to me by loyal reader Allie.

In Amsterdam every meal MUST be had with a beer, so Wytze suggested a dark brew with a nice after taste. Had a great conversation with them. The story of how two people meet, fall in love and get married is always interesting and their story is no different.

A toast to the newlyweds….May your marriage be as long and enjoyable as our dinner! You know what I mean…longer than a couple of hours obviously!

 Who Said Amsterdam was Boring? Not Me.Brian, Ozlem, Wytze and our beers

Some other shots from Amsterdam…

The Dutch love bikes. That is why they look so healthy…because they probably are. But they also take their traffic enforcement seriously, as this guy was caught riding on the sidewalk outside the clearly marked bicycle lanes that cover the entire city.

 Who Said Amsterdam was Boring? Not Me.

Some new friends in Amsterdam. And just like Vegas, what happens in Amsterdam… Who Said Amsterdam was Boring? Not Me.

I like their tram system. It is much more scenic than a subway/Tube where you see…well nothing.
 Who Said Amsterdam was Boring? Not Me.Honey, better stop looking at me and look at the tram coming at you!

 Who Said Amsterdam was Boring? Not Me.The Dutch. Wonderful people. Helpful. Kind. Speak great English. But WHAT is up with the fries covered in MAYONNAISE? I could feel my arteries closing just looking at it. But that’s what they do. I still love ‘em. The Dutch, that is…

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Anonymous February 3, 2009 at 11:31 AM

fries with mayonnaise is awesome. but it’s better if you mix the mayo with ketchup (or, even better, hot sauce).


Edie March 14, 2009 at 3:13 PM

that is beyond disgusting. kind of at odds with “the Dutch look healthy-probably because they are” comment above. i LOVE amsterdam but am always somewhat mystified by the food, or “food”;-)

As for the tram, a few years ago, on my second visit to A-dam, a man wandered onto the tracks in front of the American Hotel where I was having a late drink. he was killed instantly of course, and maybe he was drunk but this was startlingly easy and common according to our waiter.so the above ground option has it’s pros AND cons fer sure


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