Travel News and Deals – March 17, 2009

by brian on March 17, 2009

Travel news and deals of interest to YOU from around the Web compiled and edited by

A Woman Traveling Alone? The World Can Be Your Oyster Too
Advise and practical ideas for women traveling by themselves.

Take Your Best Shot
Tips on using all the features of your digital camera for taking the best travel pictures possible. You say you’ve read your camera’s manual? Sure you have…

Confession of an Introverted Traveler
Some of you have confessed that you want to be alone when you travel. You’re not the most outgoing person and quite frankly that is alright. You have a friend here.

The Seven Cheapest Ways to Travel
Lists out some more ways to travel and keep your cash in your pocket. Among them, traveling in the low season and home exchanges.

Cheapskate Confession: Japan on a Budget
Nippon is notoriously one of the world’s most expensive countries. But there is always a way to get around the high cost of travel to this Asia superpower.

Airline Seating Information
Ever needed an electrical outlet on an airliner to charge your phone or use your laptop? Had to book a seat online but wanted to know which one gave the best leg room? The sites below tell you all about the airlines and the planes they use, which seats to avoid, etc.

Deal or No Deal? 6 Secrets for Spotting a Bargain
Ideas on what to look for when investigating whether a travel deal is REALLY a travel deal.

Recession Themed Deals Take Center Stage
I talked about JetBlue earlier. Now Norwegian Cruises and others are offering money back if you lose your job.

Downturn Puts Travelers on Cloud Nine
Quote from the article: “If you are paying over $300US for an airline ticket right now, you are probably paying way too much.”

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