Travel News and Deals – March 24, 2009

by brian on March 24, 2009

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5 Reasons to Travel Now
More deals, quiet airports, good reasons to take off.

Oddball Festivals Around the World
One person’s ‘oddball’ is another person’s perfectly normal way to spend a day.

7 of the Most Bizarre Asian Cultural Habits
Again another person’s bizarre is….But the squat toilets take a little to get used too. We had an encounter with one in Marrakesh that was memorable to say the least.

10 Great ‘Wave Season’ Cruise Deals from $139US
A cruise the one thing I have not done yet. With some of the deals starting at $35 per night, some of you may want to beat me to it.

Cool. Urban. Cheap.
Hostels are getting hipper by the minute. Wish this article had pictures, but you have mine to look at.
Brian’s Hostel Pictures

10 Ways to Recession Proof Your Vacation
One thing they mention is look for the package deal. The package deal (air, hotel, rental car together) is sometimes CHEAPER than the airfare by itself. Does not make any sense, but it does happen.

Top 10 Budget Travel Destinations for 2009
They mentioned ICELAND in the article and before you go dismissing it, I was in the subway a few days ago and there were Iceland airfares advertised everywhere. They are making a concerted effort to bring people over and with the bottom falling out of their currency, the exchange rate is very good for Americans and the rest of the world.

Spring Broke: 6 Tips for Traveling Free
Couchsurfing is something I didn’t do this time out…hmmmmm…

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