What I Learned From This Trip – Part II

by brian on March 23, 2009


The people who loved you before you left will love you when you come back.

The only people who wanted me to come home early were my mother and my 7 year old goddaughter. So the first week I was back in New York I made a special trip to New Jersey. And after a weekend of watching cartoons and playing games, she cried when I was ready to leave.

 What I Learned From This Trip   Part II
Is someone going to cry when you leave? Maybe not to your face, but they will. And they’ll want you to come home soon.

It’s been done before. So why can’t you/I?

I take this philosophy with me in all things in life now. I know people travel around the world. I may not know any personally but I know people do it all the time. Why can’t I?

They come back home safely. Why can’t I?

They don’t spend a lot of money? Why can’t I?

There is a blueprint out there for anything we want to achieve in life. Travel around the world, start a business, open a restaurant, fix a car, lose weight, gain weight, house train a puppy, potty train a child, on and on.

There is a book, magazine, website, TV show, podcast or radio show for every conceivable topic you can think of. People have done what you want to do so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and make all the mistakes.

The only thing we need is the desire to make our dreams happen.

I think people take a trip like this and think that there is going to be some Earth shattering, mind awakening moment when the meaning of life will come into full comprehension.

No such thing for me.

I had a fantastic time. Would not change anything and would spend every dollar, yen, dirham and baht again without hesitation.

It just reaffirmed many things I felt about myself and other people. Another time, another blog post for that….

Keeping in touch makes everyone feel better.

The postcards were one of the best ideas I had on this trip. I showed some previous displays of the postcards from Maria.

This is from my goddaughter, who I bought a world map for so she could plot my travels. What I did not know was that she put up all the postcards around the map into this nice display on her bedroom wall.

Dora the Explorer, Meet Brian the Explorer

 What I Learned From This Trip   Part II
Whether you use postcards, email, Facebook, or Skype, it makes travel much easier. So many of you appreciated the postcards that it didn’t bother me when my hand went numb from writing and my tongue went dry from licking stamps.

More lessons from round the world travel coming…

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Debbie March 24, 2009 at 12:26 PM

I LOVED receiving your postcards. They always brightened my day! Thanks for keeping me/us updated, it was almost as good as coming with you.


brian March 25, 2009 at 11:17 AM

Glad you and everyone liked them. It was a plus for me to break the constant movement of travel, sit down and have to think about what to write for a few hours.


Shannon O'D March 29, 2009 at 7:32 AM

Read through your blog – After venturing to Ethiopia and Tokyo over the past few months how can you even fret about India! Although I am def glad that I have someone with me, don’t let my posts scare you away, its great once you get used to it…lol!

I just had to let the culture shock set in a bit ;)



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