RTW Travel – What Did I Just Eat? What Animal?!

by brian on April 15, 2009

My weight loss nonetheless, I ate pretty well on my round the world trip. Here is a video slideshow I put together of my experience at Cambodian BBQ in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The draw for this place was the ‘exotic’ meats that they offered. The term exotic is always relative. One person’s bowl of snails in Morocco for 5 dirhams (60 cents US) at an outdoor market is another’s expensive escargot appetizer in a 5 star Los Angeles or London restaurant.

Some of the meats available at Cambodian BBQ: Beef, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Chicken, Crocodile and Snake (Python).

I actually enjoyed it so much I went twice. The first time by myself and another time with some folks I met in Siem Reap.

All the meats tasted fine to me. Most had the texture and consistency of slightly chewy beef or chicken. The python was really good and the ostrich really reminded me of slightly tougher beef, especially the deep color.

Check out the video below.
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