Travel News and Deals – April 28, 2009 – Run Your Own Amazing Race, More Hostels and Get Over the Fear of Flying

by brian on April 28, 2009

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Alternatives to the Amazing Race That You Can Get In On

Global Scavenger Hunt

Addicted to ‘The Amazing Race’ on television but can’t or won’t sign up for it? These are two other options where you can pay to play. Anybody wants to sign up for the real ‘Amazing Race’? Let’s team up!

World’s Top Ten eco-hostels
Want to be environmentally conscious while traveling? These hostels can let you travel for long periods without the guilt of possibly destroying Mother Earth.

Whoopi Goldberg Can Fly, Thanks to the Teaching of Richard Branson
I always liked Richard Branson. His companies always seem hip and progressive, and Virgin’s approach to the fear of flying is novel. Once they help you get you over the fear of flying they want to lock you in as a loyal customer. Good business. If other airlines have programs like this, I haven’t heard about them.
This site is a WORLDWIDE search engine for cheap flights. Try it out.

No-Nonsense Traveler: Be Wary of European Budget Airlines
I experienced some of this while I used London as the base for my European flights. The airfares are cheap, but you must read the fine print on number of luggage allowed, the weight of the lugggage and additional fees. But if you can weave your way through it, you can save significantly.

Want better customer service? Look to your inner journalist
If you’re having a problem in an airport or a car rental counter, start recording your interactions with service staff. This ‘squeaky wheel gets the oil’ philosophy may seems extreme, but it works for some people.

The Guide to Sleeping in Airports
I slept in London’s Gatwick Airport a number of times on my trip and my 7 hours in Doha was not the greatest airport experience (the food was horrendous). If you know you have a long layover coming up, you can check out this site and see what amenities are available in airports all over the world.

Five Easy Wasy to Fly First Class … Without Paying for It
I’ve been automatically upgraded to first class when economy was full a few times. Sometimes the easiest way is to just ask at the ticket counter before getting on board. What’s the worst that can happen? They say no and you’re still on the same flight. This article lists some other interesting ways to do it.

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