Travel News and Deals – April 7, 2009

by brian on April 7, 2009

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Tell Somebody: How To Get Over the Fear of Travel
This is exactly what happened to me. The more I talked about my trip, the more I put myself out there, the more I COULD NOT back out it. Announce your intentions to the world and the world will answer your call for help…and make it more difficult for you to back out without a little shame. A little accountability goes a long way.

42 Things to Do With Kids In New York City
Odds are you will make a visit to the USA’s largest city at some point. Most of the items listed range in low cost to nothing and are fun for adults…even if you don’t have any kids

As Airfares Fall, Save Even After Buying

It hurts when you paid $500US for a ticket, only to discover the price dropped to $250. What options do you have? There are websites that will get the refund for the difference for you!

The New Boutique Hostel
Remember I was talking about boutique hostels before mainstream media? This article talks about Lubd in Bangkok, where I stayed and which is where I coined the phrase. Yes I did. Anyway if you’re in Bangkok you have to check it out. They have private rooms too, for those of you still squeamish about shared rooms.

Hard Times? Time To Take Off
Hey NYimes, this is what I’ve been saying for weeks now. Listed are some great deals people have gotten recently, including $299 for 4 days in Hawaii, airfare and hotel included!

Travelers Finds It Pays to Wait For Late Deals
There is a risk in waiting in that that travel deal may never come. Or it comes and you miss it anyway. But the opportunity may be there.

Our Own Worst Enemy: 5 Types of Travelers That Are Killing Tourism
They say there is a grain of truth in humor and I believe this is no exception.

10 Free Things to See and Do In Europe
Good piece on some low cost activities in traditionally ‘expensive’ Europe.

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