Travel News and Deals – May 19, 2009 – Subways, Free Things in Europe, Solo Travel, Rolling to Iraq?

by brian on May 19, 2009

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6 Tips for Introverted Travelers
You don’t have to be an extrovert to enjoy travel as the byline states, and the author is absolutely right. This is a follow up to a previous article I posted about. If you’re not talkative don’t let that hold you back from seeing the world.

Subways of South America: Your Underground Guide
Subways are not relegated to North America and Europe. Fun and cheap way to see a city. You won’t see as much underground, but you’ll definitely see people of all shapes and sizes on the local train system.

Without A Passport: Is Traveling Domestically Really Traveling?
I thought about this. A lot can be said for crossing a border, where the food, weather, currency and language is different. But if you go from NY to LA, or London to Birmingham, is that ‘traveling’? I say yes, as long as you have an open mindset. Any time you go someplace outside of your normal comfort zone, it is an opportunity to learn, to experience something new.

50 Things to do for Free in Europe

Exhaustive list that covers Western and Eastern Europe and probably some places you never heard of. This is a good thing. One of the reasons I loved London was that a majority of the museums are free all the time. In fact many museums around the world have one day a week where they have free or reduced admission. I remember the Louvre in Paris is free to the elderly, children and to French citizens who can prove they are unemployed.

No-Nonsense Traveler: 10 Simple Truths About Travel

Leave your cell phone at home and take less clothing – just two of the many nuggets of wisdom in this article. Packing less and not checking any luggage will make your travel experience so much better, as I recently experienced firsthand.

Solo Travel: The Pros and Cons
I talked about this before when I traveled with Ayana. There is something to be said for both sides of this argument. Or you can have the best of both worlds and travel a little bit solo and a little bit with a partner or two…

Guide to Boutique Hostels
The boutique hostels are catching on. Lubd, where I stayed while in Bangkok, is mentioned here again. Check out Hostelworld and book your next hostel experience. Read the reviews and make sure the amenities and location fit your needs.

How to Travel to Iraq Without Getting Killed

Yes you can travel to Iraq. Would I do it? Probably not. But not everyone is me. Would you want to is a whole other story. But there is a way to systematically approach this. Read on.

How To Learn a Language in 96 Hours
It should be said this is 96 hours of study over the course of weeks or months. Totally immerse yourself in a new country or take language classes in a country and your new language will come to you very quickly. I thought about heading down to Central America for a month to pick up my Spanish. I’m just not getting enough practice dropping into my corner New York City bodega…

7 Ways to Annoy a Flight Attendant
If you recognize yourself in this article, shame on you. It’s hard enough dealing with the variety of people flying across the planet in an enclosed metal tube. Between annoying passengers, extra, heavy luggage in the cabin and other assorted reasons, flight attendants have one of the hardest jobs in travel. Please don’t add to their aggravation.

120 Degrees + 150 miles – toilet = fun

Marathons, move over. The extreme is in. The biggest thing you gain by doing this particular race or a marathon is that the small things don’t bother you as much, and you feel anything is possible. Try and succeed and your life is much richer for it.

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