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by brian on May 26, 2009

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Mexico Tries to Woo Back Tourists
Thanks to Loyal Reader Andy!

With swine flu hysteria leveling off, Mexico’s job is now to get back all the tourists who are suddenly afraid of the country to get to its sunny shores to spend dollars, euros and pesos. Slap on your face mask and drive to the airport right now, because there are incredible deals to be had.

The Financial Crisis: 5 Reasons Why It’s A Perfect Excuse to Volunteer Abroad

I always believe in creating win/win situations. Volunteering abroad can give you the international travel experience you want, while putting you in a ‘safe’ environment. Some folks would love to spend an extended period of time in one place for minimal cost, and this could be a way to do it.

The World’s Hottest Peppers, And Where to Eat Them

I am a hot sauce/pepper freak. I like hot sauces with names like Toxic Doom and Nuclear Bomb with poison symbols on the labels. What better reason to travel around than to sample these fiery delights? Ok maybe not for you, but there are some interesting places and regions that have creatively used the power of the pepper.

Flight 1549 passengers get baggage back after Hudson splash down

I was on the water at Pier 90 today where Flight 1549 touched down in the Hudson River (more on that later). Amazing that USAirways went through the trouble of recovering, restoring and hand delivering these articles back to passengers. That is really great customer service. The greatest customer service USAirways delivered though, was getting all those people back on dry land safely.

Win 100 Days in Australia

With the recent success of the Best Job in the World Contest, here is another Australian contest. This time backpacking around the entire country for 100 days while blogging weekly about it. Enter your one minute video and give it a shot. You never know what could happen.

5 Lessons Learned From Watching ‘Locked Up Abroad’

‘Locked Up Abroad’ is a show on the National Geographic Channel, where people relay their stories of being put behind bars in a foreign country. The number one reason: trying to raise cash by smuggling drugs. If you are broke overseas, take a cup and panhandle, call someone and beg them to wire you some money, or throw yourself at the mercy of your embassy, but do not ever accept a package to deliver for quick cash. The consequences can be devastating. Prisons in developing nations are not as ‘nice’ as in the West. Not by a long shot.

I consider ‘Locked Up Abroad’ the travel industry’s ‘Scared Straight’ program. You don’t even want to think about doing something dumb after watching a few episodes.

How To Receive Better Customer Service At the Airport

Get away from the swarming masses surrounding a flustered counter agent and find someone else, preferably inside the terminal, who can help you.

What Happened in Vegas Can Be Mailed Home From the TSA Checkpoint

What a much needed service – and it should be worldwide! How many times have you been at the airport screening point, and then realized you forgot something in your carry-on that should not be there? Scissors, clippers, your favorite perfume or cologne, or in my case a bottle of tequila from Mexico. I know the Mexican airport security was having a nice drink of my fine tequila after work that day….

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