Travel News and Deals – June 16, 2009 – Eating Cat, Picking the Right Seat On The Plane, Missed Your Flight…No Problem!

by brian on June 16, 2009

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Do ‘I’m on vacation’ posts pose security concerns?

From loyal reader Meredith
We are ultra connected with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email and blogs. Just be conscious of this when you announce on your Twitter page that you are out of town and won’t be back for two weeks. It’s the equivalent of the thief reading the obituaries waiting to see when the funeral is.

Man Not Allowed On Plane; Common Practice…It Could Happen To You

If you’re booking a flight, you should make sure that you are the person on the credit card used, if at all possible. This is another security measure airlines are using, but it can be an inconvenience to the legitimate flier who’s being booked by a relative.

Missed Your Flight? Your Airline May Help If You Know What To Ask For

People who know me well know I don’t like to miss flights. I’d rather be 3 hours early and lounge in the terminal then rush to the airport at the last minute.

So if you are late, what do you do? What do YOU do? Apparently there is an obscure rule to rebook on the next flight at no charge. Some ticket agents don’t know about it.

Budget Paris in the Springtime

Another big city bargain guide. This time it is Paris, one of my favorites.

The World’s Best (and Worst!) Toilets

Why did I include this? Because it is one of the things that always freaks people out. You see a hole in the floor with a bucket and you suddenly can hold it in. Or you can’t figure out how to flush. Or wonder why that water is coming out the toilet like a water fountain.

PeaceCorps Journals

PeaceCorps applications are up in the face of the global recession. Here are some blog entries and videos from currently volunteers. This is a great way to see a new part of the world and help others out. You know I like those win/win situations.

Those ‘Gap Years’ Aren’t Just For Students

Why Losing Your Job Could Be a Ticket To A Whole New World

This speaks directly to the person who is a not a 21 year old coming out of school and shows the various options for someone who is a little more ‘seasoned’.

Getting Around Eastern Europe – Tips To Save Money and Reduce the Hassle

Eastern Europe is coming on because of the low prices, architecture and history. Investigate and add it to your itinerary for your next trip.

From Abu Dhabi to Dubai and Back

One traveler’s story about his trip between the two Emirates.

Cruising for the Committmentphobe

I have never been on a cruise. I will eventually and the cruise companies are targeting young folks like me who have never been. Shorter cruises with more activities geared toward a younger crowd. When you get on board make sure you have drinks and dinner with the Captain and hum the theme to the ‘Love Boat’ as you read this article.

Plane Legroom is Shrinking, so use SeatExpert to pick your seat

Airlines are hurting and to maximize the revenue per flight, they are packing in more seats. More seats means less room for each seat. SeatGuru and others help you pick the best seat. SeatGuru also seems to have leaped ahead of the other sites by automatically determining the plane used for your particular flight.

The World’s 10 Messiest Food Festivals

Greasy wrestling, a roadkill cook-off, cheese rolling and eating cat. Yes … cat. Just go ahead and click the link now.

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