Travel News and Deals – June 2, 2009 – Red Eyes, Travel Sites, How to Get the Best Plane Seat, Rome on the Cheap

by brian on June 2, 2009

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5 Really Good Reasons for Taking a Red Eye Flight

I like red eyes because you hit the ground running. Las Vegas is well known for the red eye flights so that people can get to work on Monday morning, but there are more reasons than that. Maybe the biggest: The kids on the flight fall right to sleep!

How To Get The Best Seat on the Plane

The best seat is pretty subjective. Some people actually like the middle seat! Good suggestions for the US carriers. Check out my previous post about plane seating charts online.

Travel that Counts – or My Passport is Better Stamped than Yours

Some of us travel to experience, to learn. Some of us, like I have at some point, like to pull out the passport, flip through pages and show off where we have been. As long as it is not the sole purpose of your trip, I’m all for that. It’s a good way to look back at your accomplishments and if someone’s passport is thicker than yours, hopefully it will inspire you to keep moving.

5 Best Travel Sites

I’ve got my own list coming, but this is good start. is one I never heard of before. Anyone ever used that one before?

10 Things to Do in Rome for $10

Roma was wonderful (except for the post office) and I wish I had this list when I was there. Don’t make the assumption that your large cities are all expensive. There are plenty of great things to do for free or low cost. Here’s a previous post on inexpensive things to do in Tokyo.

5 Worst Case Vacation Scenarios—and How to Fix Them

No situation is impossible. Losing your passport and/or is one of the worst things that can happen. The very worst thing is getting sick or injured on a trip. Make sure that friends and family know where you are and have TRAVEL INSURANCE. Travel insurance comes under two forms: Medical or Trip Insurance. Medical covers illness and injury, including getting you back if needed. Don’t assume your health insurance at home will cover you abroad. Trip covers missed flights, acts of nature that cause you to cancel, etc.

ProjectVisa – Visa Requirements for Most Countries

I remember being in Vietnam on my way to Hong Kong…I was so excited to meet up with Ilma and seeing the birthplace of Bruce Lee…

And I realized I had NO idea if Hong Kong required me to have a visa!

I was so used to traveling and moving without restriction that the thought never crossed my mind. Incidentally Hong Kong does not require any visas for US citizens. Mainland China does. Found that out at the airport in Vietnam one hour before the flight.

7 Reasons Traveling With Your Parents Isn’t A Bad Idea

I mentioned this articles last week when mentioning my trip to my parents’ birthplace. Have fun and go with the flow.

The Stars of Skymall

You’ve seen the catalog in the back of the airplane seat for years and always wondered about the off the wall products. Inflatable Goodyear blimp models. Automatic pet feeders….

Have you ordered any Skymall products? What has been your experience?

Don’t you hate when you get somewhere, trying to plug in your cellphone or laptop and don’t have the right plug? Or you need a converter to change 110v to 230v? This site covers the plugs and voltages for most places around the world.

How To Stay Fit On the Road

This a real issue you don’t think about while on the road. Sometimes you gain too much weight, if you have access to buffets. Me, I lost too much weight and trying to gain it back. Some simple ways to stay healthy while you expand your mind on the road.

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Kymbugs June 2, 2009 at 12:49 PM

Top travel tip! When in Rome, you use the Vatican post office. apparently it is the best in the world!


brian June 2, 2009 at 7:40 PM

I did do that and also I used the regular Roman post boxes. Everyone seems to have gotten their postcards.


Kane June 3, 2009 at 9:04 AM

great tips! i love travel around too!


brian June 3, 2009 at 12:41 PM

Thanks! Glad it is useful to you. Tell your friends!


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