Travel News and Deals – June 30, 2009 – Packing Light, Weird Airport Names, Travel Europe on a Budget

by brian on June 30, 2009

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One Bag, One World

A site completely dedicated to packing light. Not only does it save you the aggravation of trying to figure out what to pack and carrying it, but it could save you the hefty fees. Airlines are nickel and dimeing us to death. Don’t give them another reason to take money out your pocket.

World Funniest Airport Names: Rudest, Weirdest and Strangest

There is a Batman Airport. Also Mafia Airport, Deception Airport and a Woodie Woodie Airport. How they got their names is not important right now. But the fact that they exist, funny!

7 Tips for Traveling Where You Don’t Know the Local Language

One of the biggest fears is traveling and not knowing what is going on around you because you don’t know the language. You can prepare yourself beforehand with some simple tricks. English works in many places, but not everywhere. That doesn’t mean you should not go there.

How to Travel Europe on a Budget

The peak European summer season is upon us and folks are flocking to Europe. By the way, air fares prices have been rising the last few weeks, so plan your trips and get moving.

The Lowdown on Low International Airfares

Speaking of rising air fares, this article goes into ways to save if you’re traveling internationally. The most interesting concept: Split your trip into two tickets. For instance, if you’re going from London to Los Angeles, get a ticket from London to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Los Angeles. Try London to New York, London to Chicago, London to DC… you get the idea.

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cool article 7 Tips for Traveling Where You Don't Know the Local Language… that's a pretty helpful one. nice blog by the way!

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