Travel News and Deals – July 14, 2009 – Free Trip to Antarctica, Tokyo Love Hotels, Running With the Bulls, Budget Paris

by brian on July 14, 2009

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Love hotel business zooms despite downturn

Someone I met at the hostel in Tokyo stayed in a love hotel. Said it was cool for a night, but not for an extended stay. The prices quotes in the article were a little high compared to the ones I saw when I was there. Another reason I love Japan and all its ‘quirkiness.’

Thailand’s “Banana Pancake Trail” and 5 Insider Tips for Escaping it

Everyone is reading the same guidebook you are. Then you get all the tourists in the same spot because it was highly recommended by the guidebook. Meanwhile you don’t see any locals and all the prices are raised because tourists frequent the spot. Get off the beaten path, not just in Thailand, but anywhere you go.

Pamplona: Spain’s morning run

Some great pics and video on the running of the bulls. The article gives the historical significance of the festival. Oh, you thought it was just men and women running for the lives every year and that was it? Nope there is actually some meaning behind all of it. This year someone was gored and killed, but that didn’t stop people from running in front of and behind ‘Los Toros’ the next day.

Crash survivors need counseling more than their luggage

USAirways went above and beyond to recover the personal items lost in the Hudson. But some are saying what is more important is the psychological and emotional trauma of the flight. I’m going to stick up for the airlines now: When does their responsibility end to the passenger, especially when the accident was not caused by anything USAirways did or did not do?

Blog Your Way to Antarctica

Another contest, this time submit your photo and you can be selected to go on a cruise to Antarctica.

Ready to ditch Your Credit Card? Not So Fast

Fees and interest rates are going up, while credit limits and the time to pay each month is going down. So you’ll never use credit again, even to pay for a trip? There may be some really important reasons to keep on pulling out the plastic when you travel.

Frugal Paris

I love these articles on being cheap in the big cities. I have links for New York, Tokyo and London. If you know of any good guides on specific cities, let me know and I’ll post with an acknowledgment of you.

The travel secrets of war reporters

The news reporters who have on combat helmet and body armor in a war zone for a living would probably have some great ideas on travel.

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Jeremy Jones July 15, 2009 at 8:58 PM

I am up and in the running for the Antarctica trip! If you are not doing it, I would like to post my link here.

The highest vote getter has 1700, so I have a lot of catching up to do. But I am contacting large travel sites and social networking sites to see if they would petition for me!


Jeremy Jones July 15, 2009 at 8:59 PM

Not sure what happened, it got truncated. This is the real link to my page. The first one was just the main site., ooops


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