Travel News and Deals – July 28, 2009 – Go to the Korean DMZ, Thailand Scam Alert, Make Your Own Harry Potter Tour, Great Hostels…In the USA?

by brian on July 28, 2009

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Komfort Kollars Support Your Neck On Flights, Make People Point And Laugh At You

From the good folks at Skymall comes what looks like a neck wrap. I’m one of those people who falls asleep on the plane and my head snaps around. You would look ridiculous, but maybe it would help.

Private rooms and less rules are transforming the hostel experience

Another reporter takes his daughter to a hostel and has a good experience. You four and five star hotel folks may never do it, but times are tough. Consider it. The private rooms in hostels are growing in demand. Get the great price with a degree of privacy.

International Travel Is Cheap Right Now

Yes, it is. There are more reports that airlines are going to cut seat capacity later this summer and fall. Prices have edged up a little but still relatively cheap.

Tourists warned of Thailand airport scam

I’ve heard about this and I am surprised, but wherever there is a lower standard of living, you can find situations like this. I try to Google locations before I arrive just to find out things like this. I like surprises, not but surprises like this. Be careful in the duty free shops in the airports.

10 Backpacker Stereotypes You’ll Meet on the Road

Funny! No group fits all stereotypes of course, but the generalizations are interesting on paper.

Traveling the Demilitarized Zone Between North Korea and South Korea

This is one of those places that seems that you would be never able to go to, but it is possible from Seoul for $40US to be as close to Kim Jong Il as you really want to be.

Kim Jong Il – Wave to him from the DMZ

kimjongil Travel News and Deals   July 28, 2009   Go to the Korean DMZ, Thailand Scam Alert, Make Your Own Harry Potter Tour, Great Hostels...In the USA?

Cruise ships that have adult only sections can upgrade your cruise from OK to fantastic. Sometimes you want some peace and quiet and children are NOT conducive to that. Too bad this would never work on airplanes…or would it?

Amazingly, they have a number here in the US. Hostels are still largely a European phenomenon, but the US is catching up. I guess bed and breakfasts would be the equivalent in the US, but the whole concept has not caught fire like it has in the rest of the world. Not yet at least.

The headlamp is the one thing I would highly recommend, whether a weekend trip or around the world travel. Keeping both hands free while adding light is the best way to quickly resolve a situation.

I’m not a Harry Potter fan (I keep falling asleep on the movies and never read the books) but seemed like this is a great list of locales the books are set in, including Australia and Romania.

This brought back good memories of Marrakech. Got to try sheep’s head next time.

US Colleges Are Overrated and Overpriced

Would the cost of a college education be better spent on traveling?

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