Travel News and Deals – August 4, 2009 – What To Tip Overseas, Amsterdam, India Train Travel, Virgin America Video, Buckle Up For Rough Air

by brian on August 4, 2009

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Terror as turbulence hurts 26 on Rio-Houston plane

Like I’ve said before in a previous post, keep those seat belts on. Turbulence, or as the airlines try to nicely call it, ‘rough air’, can happen even in clear conditions.

28 Ways to Save Money for Traveling

This could be 28 ways to save money…period. But since we like to travel, this new found money goes in your travel budget.

Animated Virgin America Safety Video
Do you pay attention to the safety video shown before your flight. Probably not. That is why Virgin has videos that gives the same information, but in an entertaining and funny way. Virgin Atlantic has its own animated video, which I’ll bring to you next week.

Free MP3 Language Guides Arabic, Hindi, Turkish and more

Quick Fix – Essential phrases in 36 languages

Free language resources from Intrepid Travel and the BBC. If you’re looking for something more involved, I highly recommend the Pimsleur packages. Anyone have experience with Rosetta Stone?

Register with State Department Before You Travel

For the Americans, a link straight to the State Department to register when you’re in a foreign country. I did not do that when I went round the world, but I would do it the next time I hit another country. Because you never know what can happen and the State Department may be your only friend and source of assistance if you’re injured or arrested. Not like that would happen to anyone reading this, right? Right?
For those of you in other countries, find the equivalent and register, especially if you are heading to developing countries by yourself.

Amsterdam Explained: Facts, Myths, and Advice for a Better Trip

Amsterdam is sooooo laid back. A nice list of things to do. The obvious – coffee shops and the Red Light District are listed, but there is a lot more to Amsterdam. Local officials are trying to change the image that many have and this helps…a little bit.

Train Travel in India: Important Tips and Advice From a Local

India is on my list of places whenever I hit the road again and the train system is suppose to be top notch, on time and cheap. Music to my ears.

Tips for those flying long distance who want to sleep

Me I’m usually out like a light on flights. Some of us can’t. Ideas on how you can get some good shuteye while traveling at 500+ MPH in a metal cyclinder.

Top 10 Hostels in Europe

St. Christopher’s in London is on this list. If is it as nice as St. Christopher’s Paris that I stayed at, it’s a good choice.

6 ways to leverage social media for a better vacation

Are you on Twitter and/or Facebook? Are you signed up with your favorite airline/cruise line/hotel/hostel and getting updates and the best deals from them? It can also help if you’re having some type of customer service issue. Companies are paying close attention and don’t want to risk the public relations nightmare one angry customer can cause.

12 Things You Don’t Want to Be Caught Doing in Foreign Lands

A really interesting list that includes killing a cow in India and romancing an Iranian. When I got to Thailand all the guidebooks said not to talk bad about the Thai royal family. That is grounds for jail time, which apparently some people have experienced.

Etiquette 101: Tipping Guide

Great article with actual amounts you should tip in some countries. Did you know in some places tipping is not required, or even considered an insult? Check the article and don’t be part of the next ‘international incident.’

Volunteer travel trend: Wwoofing

Looking for a new volunteer travel opportunity? Here’s another idea.

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