Travel News and Deals – September 15, 2009 – JetBlue, Living on the Road, Hostels in the USA

by brian on September 15, 2009

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Some travelers push the envelope on all-you-can-jet deal

Expect to see more blogs like this over the next few weeks, as people max out the JetBlue promotion and document it on the Internet. The deal started on September 8 and will last for a month. If you find any good blogs of people documenting their time on JetBlue, let me know.

Air Chapter 11: flying the bankrupt skies

Hopefully you’ll have enough warning if your airline folds up like a cheap lawn chair, but if you don’t here are some suggestions. Main among them, use a credit card. I mean who is buying airplane tickets with cash these days, but you’d be surprised…

Epic Journeys: The Evolution of Around the World Travel

Round the world travel is nothing new. It is much easier to plan these days with the wealth of books and the Internet, but people with much less information have done a lot more.

Meet the teams on new season of ‘The Amazing Race’

The Amazing Race, the spark for many a round the world trip. I tried out for Season 16 when they had an open casting call here in NYC a few weeks back and haven’t heard anything yet. I read that most people who actually end up on the show apply multiple times before they are accepted. Persistence is good, not only in the real world, but in the reality TV world.

The Top 11 Hostels in the USA

Hostels are as big in America as they are in Europe. To get you started in America here is a list of some of the top ones.

The world’s 10 most unusual foods

From this list, I’ve had the durian in Thailand, ostrich in Hong Kong and pigeon in Morocco. The pigeon was not great, but I think that we had the ‘touristy’ version of the meal. If someone’s grandma made it in a riad’s kitchen, I think we would have enjoyed it more.

 Travel News and Deals   September 15, 2009   JetBlue, Living on the Road, Hostels in the USAThe flying rat or a tasty treat? The jury is still out…

6 Reasons Living on the Road is a Good Option in a Down Economy

In another blog post, I’m going to talk about how much I spent for accommodations during my round the world trip and it can be cheaper to stay on the road than come home. That is especially of those of us from the West. This article gives the budget of a family on the road. Much cheaper than being at home.

The Top Five Counterfeit Shopping Districts In The World

Of course my hometown Canal Street is number one on the list.

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