Travel News and Deals – September 22, 2009 – Volunteer To Travel. Travel Mishaps, Secret Paris, Homestays For A Better Trip

by brian on September 22, 2009

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Volunteer To Travel: 11 Opportunities For Free Or Very Cheap Travel

Opportunities from the United Nations and Peace Corps to lesser known interesting organizations and places. Some of these opportunities provide a stipend so you can help and get paid. Win/Win situation.

Travel mishaps with a silver lining

You ever had something so crazy happen on a trip that you thought it meant the trip was ruined. The airline lost your luggage, your flight was delayed and you missed a connection and so on.

Sometimes those things worked out. I arrived in Ethiopia without a place to stay and had a great time because of it. 120 people and myself were all without out luggage in Ghana for 4 days and had a great time bonding. Everyone was equally smelly and funky!

Much like life, travel mishaps are all about spinning it into something positive. You can’t control everything, but your reaction to it determines whether it will be a positive or negative experience. We can learn from everything.

Homestays in Central America: Save Money With a Deep Cultural Experience

You want to change up your travel experience. Stay with a family, as opposed to in a hostel or hotel. The family benefits economically by taking you in and you learn the language much faster by being immersed in it.

The 7 Best Places to Skydive Around the World

Need a reason for a round the world trip? Give it a shot.

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Foreign Tourism to USA Down; Can the Travel Promotion Act Save the Day?

Many countries have an entry and/or exit fee for travel to their countries. The United States has avoided that, but now we may be doing it to raise revenue.

Low-cost ways to see Copenhagen

I thought this was a great article on Denmark. Not high on a list of must see spots around the world, but a lovely country from what I understand.

A Natural High: 6 Tips for Preventing Altitude Sickness

From fellow blogger @JoAnna_Haugen, how to prevent altitude sickness when you’re trekking to the top of one of the world’s high peaks. I didn’t experience any problems when I went to Mauna Kea on the Big Island, but when we were driving back they told me to stay awake.

The complete guide to secret Paris

Paris is one of my favorite cities along with Tokyo and lists a few new ways to see it. Don’t forget about the free tours of Paris and most European cities.

Pigeon beats Internet firm in data transfer race

Talking about pigeons last week, this week they reappear. The reason I included this is that one of the keys for countries in Africa to becoming better tourist destinations is proper telecommunications and Internet access on the continent. The Internet will not magically solve problems. Ask the Iranians about that.

I completely realize that there are bigger problems than a lack of tourists. But new blood into any country always brings new ideas to solve the current problems. As much as I enjoyed my time in Ethiopia I would never live there because of the horrible Internet access. Conversly people who live their can’t communicate with the rest of world. Something to think about…

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