Travel News and Deals – September 29, 2009 – Hostel Savings, Travel Insurance, Hiking in the Himalayas, How the Airlines Plan To Get Your Cash

by brian on September 29, 2009

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How Much Can You Save Staying In Hostels? The REAL Numbers

I had to repeat this post only because I think it is so important to restate. For those that missed it, I broke down the costs of my hostel stays vs. a 3 star hotel in the same city on my round the world trip.

American hostels easy on the wallet

I spoke with Jim, the writer of “The Hostel Handbook” mentioned in the article. Largely a European phenomenon, more hostels are coming to America. For the large cities, these could be a major boon for budget travelers who don’t want the high prices. Hostels are not just for long term travel.

8 Essential Tips for Your Next Flight

Helpful tips, including the best days to fly and how to fly in business/first class at discounted rates.

Hitting out over travel insurance nightmare

A woman gets sick abroad and she has travel insurance. But the insurance company claims that she has a pre-existing condition that she did not tell them about. When you get travel insurance, don’t give the policy issuer an out. Tell them of any serious pre-existing condition.

Hospitalized Abroad? Here’s the truth about the care

Many more stories about needing medical attention when travel and the use or lack of medical travel insurance.

More parents take kids out of school to get cheap travel deals

Some people are saying it is now or never with their travel plans. Airlines are cutting capacity to keep flights full and raises prices. Folks are not only pulling kids out of school for short trips, but long term travel.

Cool Travel Intern Job

GAP Adventures is sponsoring an internship in their offices in Toronto. If you’re interested, apply and good luck.

In Nepal, a Long, Cold Climb to Inspiration

An account of backpacking up Thorong La, a passage in the Himalayas that reaches over 3 miles (5.4km) high into the sky.

World’s most over-rated tourist sites

It’s not all it is cracked up to be. I know alot of people who will never go to Hawaii again, people who think that Las Vegas is tacky and over hyped. You certainly can’t please everyone.

For me the ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico were really disappointing. I thought they would be these huge magnificent structures. They were far from it for me. I know many have said the same about Stonehenge.

Are airlines heading towards a cruise ship revenue model?

Don’t be so overjoyed about the airlines cutting prices. They are always looking to take it out of your wallet in some way. First it was the box meals on flights that started at $5 and now go to $7. Now choosing your seat and other parts of a standard airline flight ‘experience’ are going to quantified with a price.

Win a Flip Camera in Our Travel Inspiration Competition

Another competition, this time for a Flip HD camera. I bought one a few months ago and have been generally happy with it. Remember the days when a ‘personal’ video camera was so big you had to support it on your shoulder? Those days are long gone.

Preparing your iPhone for international travel

I talked about $5000 charges for an iPhone user in a previous post when they traveled. Here is a guide to prevent that exact situation from happening.

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