Best Travel News and Deals – November 3, 2009 – Drive Around the World, Washing Up in the Terminal Sink, More Cheap Days to Fly, Bad Pilots

by brian on October 3, 2009

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How one man is preparing to drive around the world

In another way to travel around the world, Art Director in NYC quits his job to drive the entire way and then ship his Land Rover to get to the next continent. This is as real as an adventure as you can get. Love the concept.

TWE1 Best Travel News and Deals   November 3, 2009   Drive Around the World, Washing Up in the Terminal Sink, More Cheap Days to Fly, Bad Pilots

Top tips for buying travel insurance

Where Should I Buy My Travel Insurance

More tips for buying travel insurance. Sometimes the best information comes from the comments from readers. Be sure to scroll at the way down to read comments after articles.

How to save on airfare even after you’ve booked

You ever book a flight and then a week before you leave, you notice the price has dropped by $200? $300? More? There are ways to get the difference, either by re-booking or flat out cancelling within a certain time period. Each airline and ticket website has a different policy so check the article a nice concise chart on different policies.

What Color is the Empire State Building?

Live in NYC or visited and wondered why the Empire State Building is lit in certain colors? This site explains why. A diverse range of holidays to charity organizations are represented in the lights.

Heartbroken Heinz camps out in airport

The quick story -
German Guy meets Brazilian Girl on Internet
Guy flies to meet girl in Brazil
Girl dumps guy after she meets him for the first time
Guy can’t get home and lives in Brazilian airport – He has no money

Remember the movie “The Terminal” with Tom Hanks. Same concept except Hanks’ character could not go home because of political instability. This guy just made some REALLY dumb decisions.

But at least you know if you run out of money – maybe you can hole up in a terminal, wash up in a bathroom sink and have workers give you food!

Unlucky dates make for travel deals, study finds

Every flown on September 11? Ever noticed the flight seems less crowded? You are probably right.

Ten pilots you DON’T want in your cockpit

After the story of the pilots using laptops in the cockpit and missing their designated airport by 150 miles, here are some other true stories of pilots not doing their jobs, or doing them in a way that makes you shake your head and consider driving or train travel instead.

Why Every Country Has a Different F&^#$%@!! Plug

If you’ve traveled overseas extensively, you know you have a wide variety of plugs if you want to use an electrical outlet. South Africa has their own standard. The US has their own. The European Union countries have their own standard. Many South American countrues share the same but not all.

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rhonalala November 5, 2009 at 11:24 AM

Wow, Heinz stuck in Brazil is embarrassing. I bet his other German counterparts are shamed beyond belief! Funny and strange story.


brian November 5, 2009 at 8:57 PM

Women can make us do ridiculous things. Heinz needs to find his way home. But the Brazilians will take of him until then.


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