Best Travel News and Deals – October 20, 2009 – Where To Sit on a Plane, Australia, Drinking Coffee All Over, Inflight Wi-Fi, Eat Out of What?

by brian on October 20, 2009

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How to Pick a Great Airline Seat

Includes things like where to sit on a plane to avoid turbulence and families traveling with babies.

Thanks to SoloTraveler for referring to this and other videos.

Is Australia scaring off tourists with its horror movies?

Australia is worried that recent movies filmed in their country are scaring people off. I would bet it is similar to people who saw the movie “Hostel” and have decided that they will never step foot in one.

Finally Some Good News on Travel in Mexico

We’ve been hearing a lot about college kids avoiding Mexico for Spring Break and staying away from towns on the border between the US and Mexico because of violence between drug gangs. But perceptions are not always what they seem and this writer went in for a closer look.

10 best cities in the world for coffee

Need another theme for a round the world trip? Try the best places for coffee. Get out of Starbucks and see how the rest of the world does java. That does not mean going to Starbucks in Rome or Addis Ababa. That would be COMPLETE blasphemy.

Toilet Restaurants Aim For A Crappy Experience

Just completely weird. Using toilet bowls to eat from. It’s not one place, there are a few around the world.

6 ways to get your way when you travel

Be nice, smile and compliment.

Close Encounters of the Third Sex: The Hijras of India

Something I never heard of and the fact that they are people essentially mugging you on Indian trains is wild.

Lufthansa Resurrects Their ‘FlyNet’ For Long-Haul In-Flight WiFi

With this Lufthansa system, flights across the Atlantic or Pacific would be possible with your laptop on the Internet, checking Facebook, Twitter and

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