Best Travel News and Deals – October 27, 2009 – Protect Your Health, What Not to Do in Japan, Moving to Oz, Why You Should Travel Around the World

by brian on October 27, 2009

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Tourist trap: land of sun, surf and STIs snares backpackers

Watch out when you travel abroad. The same things you would do getting involved in relationships at home is what you should do abroad. Even more so abroad.

Device helps women on the go “go” in the woods or elsewhere

Ladies, here is something to avoid “the splatter”. If you have a fear of squat toilets in the rest of the world this may be for you. It allows a woman to stand and urinate like a man.

Mind you squat toilets are suppose to be more sanitary because your body doesn’t touch anything, but if you’re not familiar with how to use it and balancing, you could find yourself in a messy situation.

Only time I ever used on was in the airport in Cairo. Got through that with no unfortunate mishaps, but it could have been bad.

What NOT to do in Japan

One person’s hokey and trite event is another person’s dream event. I would say do everything on the list.

Coca-Cola campaign sends 3 bloggers around world

Coke is sending a team of bloggers on a round the world trip to all 206 countries where the product is sold. You can vote for one of 3 teams at Wish I knew about it when the application process started.

How To Start a Life in Australia

In these economic times, people think about picking up stakes and moving to a new city. Some people take it a step further and move to a whole new country. Australia is the focus of this article, but you can search for any country of your choosing to find out requirements, potential challenges, needed residency and visas applications, proof of an existing income, etc.

Cheapest airports in Asia

By choosing one airport over another you can get cheaper prices. For instance flying into Tokyo’s Narita (NRT) is cheaper coming from North America if you want to get to Asia, whereas flying from Australia to Asia means going through Bangkok (BKK) to get the best fare.

Why Travel Around the World

Airtreks was the company I used for my round the world ticket and listed reasons why anyone, YES even you, should travel around the world.

5 things I’d do differently as single do-over

One of the things this person listed was not traveling more. As a single, you have the ability to take off and not worry about much other than yourself. That is part of the reason I traveled now. Had I been married with kids it would take someone who had the same mindset to want to take off. Very difficult thing to do.

America in 100 Days

For the Americans, this is what many of us imagined too. Seeing this nation of over 300 million people. I think their trip is over, but the posts are still there for you to look at.

I always said if I was going to travel around the US, I would do an NFL tour. All 32 teams and all 31 stadiums (Jets and Giants share one). This is completely possible with Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Saturday night games later in the season. For instance, you could see the Patriots on Sunday, drive down I-95 Giants on Monday night and then again down 95 to see the Redskins on Thursday.

Not like anyone wants to see the Redskins right now…

Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern Spill Their Vacation Vices

The Travel Channel superstars Bourdain and Zimmern dish the dirt on their favorite places to stay. Consider these two have covered most of the planet with their shows and their own personal travels, their answers may surprise you.

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Kymbugs October 30, 2009 at 8:33 AM

In UK, the female device is called 'She-wee' and it's genius.

Now men won't be the only ones who can pee standing up ;-P


brian October 30, 2009 at 11:04 PM

I checked out their website. Interesting.


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