Get The Book – NO CHARGE! A Special Thank You to All the Loyal Readers

by brian on October 9, 2009

As you may know since I’ve been back I’ve been working on something really exciting.

In fact, I want to give you something that I think you’ll really enjoy – it might even change your life. *cue DRAMATIC music*

Over the last year I’ve been putting together the ultimate travel guide for anyone who wants to travel round the world without having to spend a whole ton of money.

This isn’t a tour guide like so many of those travel books you see in the store.

Instead, it’s the A to Z “smart guide” on how to travel anywhere – even the most exotic faraway places without spending much or worrying about safety.

I’m going to be selling it online – but you, as one of my LOYAL READERS can get it today – completely F*R*E*E OF CHARGE.

bookcdsmockup300 Get The Book   NO CHARGE! A Special Thank You to All the Loyal Readers

You’ll get:

*No Debt World Travel – The Book in PDF format

*A Video Tutorial on using the Internet to find the best hostels

*3 Audio Interviews with

Tom from on buying Round the World Tickets
Nora from on cheap to free accommodations
Carmen from on living abroad and earning a living while traveling

Now why am I doing this? Simply put, I need your feedback. I want to make sure it’s as good as it can be before it goes on sale.


Here’s how it will work. Just click on the link below and you will be taken to an order page.

Fill out the form and enter your credit card details.

No waiting for delivery. Good reading in 10 minutes!

pixel Get The Book   NO CHARGE! A Special Thank You to All the Loyal Readers

Now why do I need that?

Well, I’m sure you understand that there will be a bunch of people who grab the product for free and then never get around to sending me the feedback.

You’re not going to be one of THOSE people, are you?

Let me be clear. You credit card will not be charged a penny if you send me the feedback within 7 days. And if you don’t send me the feedback you’ll pay a one time price of $27.

Either way, you’ll come out ahead as the regular price will be AT LEAST $37.

But getting this all for free is dead easy.

It’s just THREE questions and it will take you all of 90 seconds. I even have an online form all set up for you.

When I receive your feedback, I will immediately cancel your card, so you won’t get charged. And then I’ll send you a Thank You bonus of 6 more MP3 interviews and another video…all of them free.

There’s no other hidden obligation or catch here.

I really just need your opinion – not your money….

I’m limiting the number of free packages to give away to less than *20* and this offer may get pulled at ANY TIME, so if you’re interested click on the link below, fill out the form and I’ll send you the whole package as described above.

Instant Access!

pixel Get The Book   NO CHARGE! A Special Thank You to All the Loyal Readers

ONE Note: When you complete your transaction you will get a screen that says You Have Successfully Signed UP

click the RETURN to MERCHANT button at the bottom right of the screen in PayPal to get the e-book and all the extras!
Looks like this:
signup+page Get The Book   NO CHARGE! A Special Thank You to All the Loyal Readers
Click the image to enlarge

Thanks for all of your support the past year!


P.S. Hey, you don’t have to read the whole book. Just read what catches your interest and then fill out the feedback form. I’ll send you the link for this after you sign up!

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Anticipatory Andy October 9, 2009 at 4:31 PM

okay, i bought it…i've started reading it…where is this form with the three questions?


brian October 9, 2009 at 4:40 PM

@Anticipatory Andy
Everyone who downloaded should have gotten an email from me. If you don't see something from me, please contact me directly.


AndyEWilliams October 12, 2009 at 11:48 PM

I enjoyed reading your book. Thanks for making it available.


brian October 13, 2009 at 10:35 AM

Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed it!


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