Best Travel News and Deals – November 10, 2009 – Free Airport WiFi, Tips for Traveling Couples, The Dead Hotel Guest

by brian on November 10, 2009

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Free Holiday WiFi at US Airports

Google is providing free WiFi access in airports across the US. A quick glance at the list shows the majority are the smaller airports. The New York area airports, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson are not covered, but many others are.

10 tips for traveling as a couple – and not breaking up

‘The Amazing Race’ is of course a small sample set, but you would be apprehensive about traveling with your boo after seeing how some couples react on the road in stressful situations. If want to see if a couple will get along, send them on a trip together. If you’re planning on traveling with your significant other, check out some of these rules of road so that you come home TOGETHER.

Lengthy international travel tied to health problems

Round the world travelers know they need to get checked out before jetting off. Even if you are going on a shorter trip, you need to know if the country you’re visiting has any disease threats. Costa Rica, for all its beauty still has areas prone to malaria. Tropical South America, including parts of Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, still have yellow fever worries.

Beyond disease, traveling for a significant length of time may cause issues if you’re not getting the proper rest and food intake. I lost weight traveling but did not get sick for any length of time.

Thomson Airways Safety Video

In previous posts I showed Virgin’s safety videos, which used funny and smart animation as opposed to the usual live action. This is another take on live action with cute kids with their adorable British accents.

Getting on a plane without ID

Your best bet: Always have a paper copy of your passport, as well as having your passport photo and ID page scanned into a password protected document and sent to yourself in email.

Mastering Public Transportation

Some people get to New York City and the subway system confuses them. I mean completely baffles them. Native New Yorkers don’t understand it, but some see all the colored lines going all over the map and completely shutdown. Try to get a grip on that if you’re one of those people, because public transport is more economical for getting around than cabs. It can save you significant amounts especially when coming from the airport. I always want to see instructions to the hotel/hostel from the airport/train station if at all possible.

I used public transport in a number of places. London and Athens were two that really made it easy to get from the airport to the city center.

Hotel: No Sir, That Smell Is Not A Decomposing Guest. (It Was.)

This another reason to look at sites like TripAdvisor to get the real deal on hostels and hostels BEFORE you get there. People should see and read comments from other people. It would save much aggravation and inconvenience. The offending establishments would either have to improve or close down from lack of business.

Travel Etiquette Site Explains How to Behave in Different Countries

I like the concept of this site. In one place, learn to avoid the social mistakes when you land in a new country. It also allows readers to add their knowledge to the collective by having anyone submit changes or additions.

Weird Food McDonalds Sells Around The World

I posted about my experience at McDonald’s in Hawaii and Thailand, and I mentioned that I knew there were sites out there that detail the differences between locations all over the world. I didn’t look for it, but this post came to me, listing places like the Philippines and China.

The Second Best Job In the World

I have never heard of this company before, but they are offering a job flying around the world…to shop. I can hear some of you busily clicking the page. Good luck!

25% of Gap Year Travellers Want Parent To Join Them

The gap year concept is a foreign one to many Americans, but very much alive and well in Europe and Australia. Young adults, just out of high school, in college or just graduated in college, take off for a year traveling. Now they want to take their parents with them. Well at least 25% of them do. What a great way to bond.

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TJ November 10, 2009 at 11:17 PM

I took a printed copy of the London and Paris subway maps and would plot a route prior to leaving the hotel. The only thing I would do differently was take an extra minute to understand the fares. In London a tube ride will set you back 4 pounds which was about $6.60 when I was there!!!! I will get an Oyster card the next time I go so see the Queen.


brian November 11, 2009 at 9:52 PM

What people do too is put maps on iPhones or other cell phones that can display mays.

Oyster cards are must for London. If you're in Hong Kong it is the Octopus card. For Tokyo it is called PASMO. You have multiple train lines that don't even use the same turnstiles/ticket machines in Tokyo! Quite confusing if you don't have the card that can handle them all.


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