Best Travel News and Deals – November 17, 2009 – Frugally Sailing the Caribbean, Refusing Airport Security Searches, Where Does Your Luggage Go

by brian on November 17, 2009

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Sailing the Caribbean, the Frugal Way

Sailing and frugal are two words you don’t associate with each other, but there are ways to do it. This NYTimes article details the experience of the author and has websites that list opportunities for volunteer/low cost sailing experiences. Everything from cook to deck hand, the opportunities are there.

When The Airline Doesn’t Get Your Luggage Back To You

Every wonder what happens to that lost bag that you never got back from the airlines? For Americans, it may end up at Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama. This spot is so famous that it is considered a tourist destination. Plenty of clothing and electronics to fill a large warehouse type space. Deep discounts mean you’ll save alot, but you’ll never know what you find until you get there.

Some of the things found over the years include a 5.8 carat diamond ring, a fully packed parachute and equipment from a F-16 fighter jet!

Another reason for just carry-ons…

The mother of all adventures: Thailand on two wheels

A mom to grown children who has been traveling for the past two months is relating how the experience has changed her. It’s never too late to take the plunge. Long term travel is not just for the young.

Do I Have the Right To Refuse This Search

Where Are All the White Guys – Update On Do I Have the Right To Refuse This Search

Nothing annoys us more than dealing with abrasive or intrusive airline security. Are you one of those people who consistently gets pulled aside for a “random” secondary screening?

The articles above are from a woman who gets pulled aside for secondary screening more times than the average passenger. Before you say maybe there is probable cause, there doesn’t seem to be any. The woman is a retired 24 year veteran Assistant Police Chief! What is wrong with this picture??
Free Wi-Fi Wars: Google vs. Microsoft vs. Yahoo

The Internet giants fight for mindshare is a boon for you. Free Wi-Fi at airports during the holidays means you can check on your delayed flight while at the airport. Joy…

TV creates perceptions, informs, educates. Botswana is on more traveler maps because of ‘No. 1 Ladies’ on HBO. Much how Sex In the City, Law and Order, and numerous movies influenced many to come to New York. African nations have more pressing problems, but if their country’s economy is based on tourism, they should ramp up their outreach to Hollywood.

A Travel Junkie Field Trip is a popular community on the web of frequent fliers and airline aficionados. The airlines realize they are a valable group to court so they setup a special event just for them. The fliers could really appreciate everything that goes into flying a plane and running an airline. Goes a long way toward empathy…except when it comes to baggage fees. Airlines, you all need to stop it.

5 Things to Do on Your Next Flight

I like looking/feeling for my safety vest, like I posted about when I was on my way to Athens. There are some other things to look at beforehand, especially if you have electronic equipment. Find out the plane type, look it up on or and see where the electrical outlets are. Really good, especially on the longer flights.

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