Best Travel News and Deals – November 24, 2009 – Paperless Boarding, The Perfect Couchsurfing Profile, Picking a Travel Partner, Pregnant Traveler

by brian on November 24, 2009

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American Airlines to Offer Paperless Boarding Using Mobile

From loyal reader Karen, American is starting to use cell phones and other mobile devices that display the bar code for your ticket. Paperless tickets. Soon I think they are going to have some way to slap the bar code to your forehead so you don’t even need the cell phone.

In fact at a party the other night, I saw someone with a new Google Android phone that allows you to scan in the bar code from the supermarket discount card and have it on the phone. The cashier will scan YOUR PHONE as opposed to the separate card. Nice! Maybe the iPhone and other phones have it, but that’s the first time I’ve seen it in person.

How To Impress Your Host: 10 Steps to a Perfect Couchsurfing Profile

Couchsurfing is the hot way to see more of the world and this article talks about how to show yourself to potential hosts with the best foot forward. The point here is NOT to lie or deceive but to put a little polish on your profile to get the best match for you and your potential host.

How You Can Help Travelers Imprisoned Abroad

I talked previously about how to avoid getting locked up when traveling. I remember being in Amnesty International in high school and writing letters on behalf of poliitcal prisoners and others unlawfully detained. Amnesty is here on this list, as well as other ways we can help others imprisoned.

Power Mats: One-Stop Charging for Portable Electronic Devices

As a prelude to the upcoming Black Friday Travel Gift post, here is a high tech charger that just has you to lay the device on a special pad to get charged. Very interesting.

The 2010 World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship

The 2010 World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship contest will have you travel to Japan, experience the country for a few weeks and then edit a guide from Rough Guides. For the aspiring travel writer, this is a plum opportunity. Applications accepted until December 21, 2009.

10 Things to Ask Yourself Before Picking a Travel Partner

Don’t want to be on the trip from hell of your own doing? Ask some things, honestly, about yourself and the other person. Snorer? Loud? Introvert? Chronic bad breath? Cheapskate? Free spender? Can you deal with it for a weekend? A week? 6 months???

Travel for Two: The Pregnant Traveler

Just because you have a bun in the oven doesn’t mean you should curtail your travels needlessly. Always check your travel insurance and the policies of the airline if you fly. Solid list here to think about if you are with child.

Are “Lap Children” Safe on Planes?

After you’ve had your baby, and now want to get back to traveling, can you carry your child on your lap? There seems to be no consensus, as the money issue of paying for a second seat with a car seat seems to have taken precedence of the safety of the child.

Businessman spends £350k to visit every country on earth in record time (just don’t ask to see his snaps)

There is something to be said for traveling slow. The amount this gentleman from the UK paid is what most people think a round the world trip will cost. Far from it. Most of the people on these RTW trips (myself included) do not have HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars to spend. Remember there are ways to do it.

How to Avoid Boredom On a Long Plane Ride

Many in this list are straightforward, but always good to rememeber. Personally I’m usually conked out, trying to avoid hitting my head on the seat in front of me!

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No Hurry Curry November 27, 2009 at 5:22 AM

Thanks for the tips and comments. Agree completely that Africa is amazing. Such a vast, diverse, beautiful way to start our trip.

Enjoyed the couchsurfing link – we're thinking about trying the site out, especially once we get to the pricier portion of our trip.


brian November 27, 2009 at 4:16 PM

@No Hurry Curry
I saw something about a couple Couchsurfing so it is definitely not for just singles. Would love to hear about it when you do it.


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