Black Friday Travel Gift List for Round the World or Round the Corner Travel

by brian on November 27, 2009

Want to avoid this? Keep reading.

black friday Black Friday Travel Gift List for Round the World or Round the Corner Travel

For those of you outside the United States, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving (last Thursday in November) which is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. Christmas is about a month away at this point, so retailers go wild with special deals and discounts. The last few weeks of the year is their last chance to get in the BLACK in terms of revenue, hence the name.

Sales start at 4AM in the MORNING and last all day. Folks line up outside stores and proceed to resemble the running of the bulls when the stores unlock and open their doors.

In fact a Wal-Mart worker was killed after being trampled at an early morning store opening on Black Friday last year.
Me, I don’t do that. The last few years all my shopping has been done online. Give me cash or a gift certificate please.

So if you want to avoid those lines, or buy me something (hint, hint) I reached out to my fellow travelers on Twitter to see what their travel gift wish list consisted of.

Whether you’re traveling around the world or traveling to Grandma’s for the holidays, there should be something in this list to spark an idea or even a purchase. Have UPS or Fedex be your personal Santa…

Find me on Twitter – I’m @brianepeters – My comments below in italics

I need a great laptop case that doesn’t look like a laptop case. I want to disguise my computer if possible.
(I hear you on that. Your laptop/netbook is your lifeline. Anything to keep it anonymous and make it less of a target would be extremely worthwhile.)

Actually, yes! This year I would absolutely love a sleeping bag. In 2010, I plan to do a lot of camping, in Wisconsin, with close friends.
(The sleeping bag will keep you nice and toasty. I can’t say I’ve never been camping…and not rushing out to experience it.)

A GPS with an altimeter would be a fabulous gift for an Adventure Traveler
(Amazing. What did civilians do before GPS wasn’t the domain of just the military? We got lost, we asked questions at the gas station, we asked random people walking by on the street. That’s if you’re in your own country. What about overseas in a foreign country where you don’t know the language or the roads?)

Hm. 2 awesome gifts that I covet – the Portable PowerMat and the new Canon S90 camera as a point & shoot replacement. thx 4 asking! Jodi
(The Canons seem to be the cameras of choice for travelers…and everyone else for that matter. The PowerMat is an interesting technology to charge cell phones and the like, without actually plugging them in. I haven’t seen it in person yet, but seems very Star Trek-ish. This is a good thing.)

I can never have enough of up to date quality maps. They have been essential in my business. They are always an appreciated gift.
(Good map = never lost. Or at least, hopefully not lost for long)

no real gift requests… just friends/family for me! if you’d like to add my book to your article as a gift idea, that would be awesome!
Imagine: A Vagabond Story Black Friday Travel Gift List for Round the World or Round the Corner Travel
(Click the link and check out the book on, great reviews.)

I’d love a gift card from Idlewild Books
(I can sit in a bookstore all day. Remember – Reading is Fundamental)

A Canon Powershot G11. icon smile Black Friday Travel Gift List for Round the World or Round the Corner Travel
(Another Canon on the list. Great reviews for this one.)

Have you seen our tugo luggage drink holder? New this year for the holidays.
(You’ve got to see this video. It’s one of those things where you say, why didn’t I think of that??)

I bought an Acer AOD 250 netbook on Amazon yesterday in a short sale for $229- Office Max/Depot is having it Fri for $150/$199
(Netbooks are the new laptops folks. Much lighter, but with a smaller screen. Don’t expect to edit video on these either. Basic email/Skype/word processing for now with netbooks. Much more convenient for travel.)

a new mp3 player, and camera (waterproof Olympus?)
(Every time I hit the beach or go an aquarium or marina, I always think it would be nice to have a waterproof camera. Even if you’re not going underwater, you fear splashing water wrecking your land-based camera. Might be a nice way to catch those memories near camera killing H2O.)

hmmmmmm –what do I want. A real health care bill to pass (won’t), US to sign global warming treaty. . . and a working iPod icon wink Black Friday Travel Gift List for Round the World or Round the Corner Travel
(The working iPod is easy. Health care reform…not so much)

Lens Cleaning Cloth, lightweight warm sleeping bag, iTunes gift card, backpack rain cover, but mostly money in our account!
(Yes money, the ultimate gift.)

On my wishlist: New pack, headlamp, camera case, sleep sack.
(Read my mind. The two things will take next time out – sleep sack and headlamp.)

I finally have an answer for ya! I would love a hand-made / eco friendly travel journal
(With everything so high tech, taking pen to paper is such a novel idea. Use it.)

Here are the 2 main things: COLORSPACE UDMA and PacSafe
(Portable backup hard drive for your laptop/netbook/camera/video camera and a security system for your backpack. Imagine a chain and lock for your bicycle. Same concept.)

Full disclosure: Some links lead to, which would pay me a fee if you bought through the link you clicked.

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