Best Travel News and Deals – December 1, 2009 – Couchsurfing v. Hostels, American Train Trips, Culture Shocks, Spending Less in Thailand, Packing Less

by brian on December 1, 2009

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7 Best American Train Trips under $100

Good train travel is the domain of Europe and Asia. Americans deal with Amtrak when we don’t want to fly or for a simple change of pace. But these routes within the continental US prove that US train travel has some flavor. It not just being enclosed on the train while the scenery flies by.

We still need to get on the “bullet train”. I think that would scare the airlines more than anything else. New York to LA in 15 hours at 200MPH, as opposed to its current 5 days (yes I looked), would be really tempting.

Another 101 World Culture Shocks

A list of various customs and oddities from around the world. Like how to recognize Yakuza members on the streets on Tokyo, or the nation that watches more television than the United States (I would have never guessed).

10 Ways to Beat Air Travel Stress During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is over, but you’ve still got Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s still coming up. Get those carry-ons, leave the checked luggage at home and try different airports for best results.

Tightwad in Thailand

A primer for staying and saving while in the Land of a Thousand Smiles. Not like that is difficult by default, but if you want to hang there for an extended period of time, good tips all around.

Passenger Create Big Debate

Whoa take a look at that guy! With the recent debate of whether overweight passengers should have to pay for two seats if they can’t fit in one, this extreme example is what some people have to deal with.

I’m for the two seat fee if the flight is full and you can’t be accommodated in one seat. I’m suppose to sit jammed in a corner of my seat for 6 hours because you can’t fit in your seat? It’s not right.

Eating Live Animals: One Eater’s Experience in Korea

I would try it, but I would be weirded out by something crawling around on my plate. If it’s still crawling, that usually means it needs to cook more, or I need a rolled up newspaper to finish the job.

How To Half The Contents Of Your Backpack

I like to advocate the use of only carry-ons on planes. This gives you an idea of what to take and what to leave behind.

Jessica Watson

For those of you who say you could never travel around the world, compare yourself to 16 year old Australian Jessica, who is sailing around the world, non-stop and unassisted…

By herself!

We hop on a flight and land in the next country, hopefully on an Asian airline so we get a real meal on a plate instead of out of a box.

She’s looking at star charts, watching for storms and continues to blog from the boat. Fantastic story, and just proves that where there is a will there is a way.

Cheeky tourists pitch tents in cemetery

If you need to sleep in a cemetery while traveling, take your a** home! That is all.

How to Travel Cheap & Green: couchsurfing v. hostel

Both have pros and cons. I like the author’s experience with the couchsurfing host who thought people were out to get him and had a dirty bathroom. Come to think about it, same thing can happen in a hostel. Both are great for different reasons.

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