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by brian on December 8, 2009

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Chinese Rapping Pig Swine Flu Video
Love the Chinese for their attempts to warn travelers about the swine flu. But can’t they afford a native English speaker to proofread?
But when you have a pig kicking game in a freestyle rap, not everything gets translated. Don’t think Jay-Z wrote the copy for this…MUST CLICK

10 Best Airports to Get Stuck In

From loyal reader Debbie. Thanks!

Hong Kong’s airport is very cool. Lots of clear directions and glass everywhere. That new Doha airport is sorely needed. On my way from Hong Kong to South Africa, the stopover was in Doha. And friends it is nothing to brag about. Let’s hope they upgrade the food too. The worst airport food I have EVER had was at Doha. Retched!

I didn’t have time, but I would love to have hit the casino in the Amsterdam airport. Maybe they figure they’ll make you lighter for the flight by relieving you of your money before you get on the plane!

Immigration Jail in Bangkok, Thailand

Make sure everything gets stamped when you leave a country. As this writer found out, you could get a MAJOR hassle if you return and the paperwork is not all up to date. A lot of times many of these problems can be made to go away with some money put in someone’s hand. You didn’t hear that from me though…

Great site for multiple cities around the world that shows you directions from point A to point B via the local public transportation system. For instance for London you can get directions from Buckingham Palace to London Bridge via the Tube. In Paris the Eiffel Tower to the Cathedral of Notre Dame. For those of you who see subway and bus maps as a bunch of incoherent colored lines, this is a great help.

Skip the expensive cabs and taxis and hop on mass transit. Save the environment too…

Who wants to be a travel writer?

The dream to be a travel writer is not all it is cracked up to be. There is monotony and annoying things in every job. Even if you are paid to fly all over the world.

Best/Worst Airline Safety Videos

Funny, interesting videos, some of which that I have referenced before. Some of the ads on the page may not be safe for work, but the videos are fine.

Luggage Limits

Website that details all the sneaky fees with over 90 airlines listed.

When Crime Comes to Paradise

As much as I advocate travel, I don’t ignore that there are risks. Just because you’re in a tropical paradise with white sand beaches, clear blue waters and smiling people doesn’t mean that everyone is looking out for your best interests. It is tiring to keep your defensive guard up, even on holiday, but you still need to.

Drug-smuggler Gregory returns to Thailand and is deported

Thailand again…hmmmm….
Ok my thing is is this. You were sentenced to DEATH and got pardoned. You haven’t been back in years but you want to go back now to warn others about the dangers of drug trafficking. Why go back now and press your luck?

If that was me, I wouldn’t be near Thailand. I would not even want my plane to land for a stopover.

Dubai set to be travel bargain of 2010 as holiday prices drop due to financial turmoil

Dubai has been on a wishlist for many people. Better get in now, with the lower prices and the threat of economic meltdown threatening the country.

10 Ways to Give the Gift of Travel

Different ways to give the gift of travel. Included are language lessions, City Pass and the like. I’d include the ROUND THE WORLD travel e-book package by yours truly.

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Jeremy Jones December 8, 2009 at 7:32 PM

Big fan of the Palm Beach Airport. It is incredibly tiny, almost never a line at security. Real easy to get in and out from the high way. Hassle free.


brian December 8, 2009 at 11:09 PM

@Living the Dream
Thanks. Good to know.


Frugal Expat December 10, 2009 at 3:51 AM

The article about Bangkok Airport is really interesting..

It reminds me to be cautious about exit stamps when visiting other countries..


brian December 11, 2009 at 11:15 AM

Bangkok Airport has been coming up in the news for all the wrong reasons. A while back I talked about the duty free shop scam, where they would claim you stole something and then have to pay a fine to get on your flight.

The legendary Thai hospitality apparently does not start until you LEAVE the airport.


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