Best Travel News and Deals – January 12, 2010 – Cheap Calls, Scams in China, Robbed in the Air, Cut Travel Costs, Family Travel, SEAsia Secrets

by brian on January 12, 2010

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How to Make Cheap Mobile Calls, Even Overseas

From loyal reader Karen

Talks about Skype, TruPhone and Fring, options for making calls for pennies on the dollar. I used Skype while I traveled around the world, primarily through my laptop. These options would have you use it through your cell phone, which is even more convenient.

Joan Rivers on CNN
What does Joan Rivers have to do with travel? She was rejected from a flight back to the USA because her ticket had the name Joseph as opposed to Joan. She didn’t check the tickets beforehand and was prevented from boarding.
Skip ahead to about 2:20 to see what happened to her.

The 31 Places to Go in 2010

Some great ideas on places to hit in 2010. Use this list to spur some ideas or open your eyes to new places. Included in this list are Sri Lanka, Antarctica (on my personal list), Seoul and Bahia, Brazil (one of the best trips I ever had).

China’s ugly face

One blogger’s story of being ripped off while in China. There is a delicate balance between opening yourself up to new experiences and people and being led astray. What can you do? Do a little research online. Even a simple Google search of “travel scams in X” may save you some time and aggravation.

Secret Islands of Southeast Asia

Want to get away from Phuket and all the usual places in SE Asia overrun with tourists who look and sound like you? Here an excellent list of up and coming locales that have charm and culture with the same affordable prices.

7 trips you should never book online

I agree with that round the world travel should not be done completely online. It would be great to talk with someone over your options, where you can stopover for free, etc. Large group trips I would also agree with, having led one two years ago to Costa Rica. You want human accountability when you have so many people and options involved.

Pickpocket strikes Air France Tokyo-Paris flight

You would think once you’re in the air the last thing you have to worry about is getting your valuables jacked. Sorry, these are tough times. Someone stole over $5000US worth of items from sleeping passengers on a long flight.

If I’m in charge once the theft was discovered, NOBODY is getting off that plane. Bags are searched, people are being frisked, the whole nine.

Emirates A380 first class luxury

For all you high rollers, the view of the Airbus A380 first class section. From inital glance it looks like a high end bar/lounge in a major city. I don’t think you’ll mind being stuck on a runway for hours if you had these amenities. I had never heard of a shower on board a commercial airliner before.

Sure beats a bag of peanuts and a can of soda, doesn’t it?

The Developing World’s 10 Best Ethical Destinations

If you want to have a clean conscience while you play on the beach or drink alcohol based drinks with umbrellas in them, you’ll want to look at this list. Make sure that your trip location of choice is environmentally conscience and a supporter of human rights.

10 Ways to Cut Your Travel Costs This Year

Great list and the article mentions Twitter as the first way to save. Twitter and Facebook are where all the good deals are.

For those you who don’t want to couchsurf, there is a pay option if you want a spare bedroom or futon all over the world.

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A Safe Trip Abroad

The US State Department put this article together, but it goes for anyone traveling internationally.

Also has links about traveling to different regions of the world.

The best hostels in the world have…

Some of the best things I look for when I book a hostel. For me, the top 3 are free WiFi for Internet access, cleanliness and personal lockers.

Canada: Going to the Olympics? Make Sure You Have No DUIs on Your Record

I had no idea Canada would not let you in if you have DUIs on your record. That must be a shock to people arriving at the border or getting off the plane when they get turned away.

The difference: Canada consider Driving Under the Influence/While Intoxicated a felony, which means the same rules for murder, armed robbery and other serious crimes apply.

7 Steps to Planning (and Surviving) Multigenerational Travel

I encountered a few families on the road, including a husband, wife, toddler and grandma in my hostel in Hawaii. Traveling like that is not impossible and this article shows you how. Parents are worried about their kids and THEIR parents, most times needlessly.

Frommer’s Cover Photo Contest

Win $5000 and your photo on the cover of an upcoming Frommer travel book.

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Candice January 13, 2010 at 2:09 PM

I had no idea Canada actually prevented people from entering the country because of DUIs. Crazy.


brian January 14, 2010 at 7:57 PM

The thought never even occurred to me that a country would lock you out if you had a felony. Make perfect sense though. Criminals are deported to their home countries when they are released from prison. Makes sense if you were convicted of a felony they would not even let you in the door.


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