Best Travel News and Deals – January 5, 2010 – Airport Security, Flier Wishlist, Guatemala, Bus to Antarctica, WiFi on Flights, Long Haul Tickets

by brian on January 5, 2010

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What Israel Can Teach the World About Airport Security

Israel’s airport is one of best protected in the world. This article talks about what they do in terms of passenger screening. Some people get special attention because of one-way tickets, nationality, etc. but everyone goes through an extremely rigorous process.

U.S. Intensifies Air Screening for Fliers From 14 Nations

So if you’re from the following countries

Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen

expect special scrutiny if you’re coming to the USA.

Why is Cuba on this list? If you’re going to profile at least do it right.

A Flier’s Wish List for 2010

Amongst other things – full body scanners and improve baggage handling. The baggage handling issue is something that never goes away. The vast majority of baggage is delivered on time to passengers when they deplane. The problem is that when they lose bags, it is something so egregious people can’t help but complain loudly about it, which makes the problem seem bigger than it is.

Airport attractions, from polar bears to music

Some of the more interesting things you can do while you wait to get patted down and x-rayed include a casino in Amsterdam and a “Hello Kitty” section of the airport in Taipei.

A Guatemalan Vacation Offers a Different Kind of Education

An entry about a place that may not be on your radar. Cheaper than Costa Rica, but with the same opportunities for adventure and culture.

Guatemala Tikal Ruins and Pyramid – Travel Video of the Week

Travel Top 10: What’s obsolete

The first travel related obsolete item: those huge fold out maps. Besides the Internet providing free maps for everything, those fold out maps might as well be a beacon to every tout, pickpocket and mugger within a mile radius that you have no idea where you are or where you are going. Love the pocket maps.

Bus2Antarctica: The First 36 Hours

The latest version of long term travel. Taking a trip to Antarctic from North America…strictly by bus. Yes, I know at some point he’s going have to take a boat to Antarctica, but the journey to get there will be the intriguing part of the story.

Travel advice: long-haul ticket buying tips

Tips from the UK, but they apply wherever you are in the world.

Jaunted’s 2009 Airline In-Flight WiFi Guide

I haven’t been a flight with WiFi yet but I’m anxious to try it out. Wondering if I can update Twitter AND Facebook AND try to stream a movie while updating iTunes.

Like I need any more time in front of a computer…

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