Best Travel News and Deals – February 16, 2010 – Detained for Learning Arabic, Cheap Cruises, Hostels for Couples, Dirty Hotels, Baggage Fee Chart

by brian on February 16, 2010

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Q&A with Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor in chief of

Cruises are more and more popular and for good reason. For those going on pre-packaged trips, cruises provide the best value. For $50-$70 per day, you can get room and board along with food and transportation to different ports of call.

Of course remember that you can’t come with empty pockets. Drinks and some meals may be extra. On shore excursions when you reach dock are not included as well as some tips.

Travel Video of the Week
Flying with a Foreign Language
In another reason why the 2016 Olympics went to Brazil and may never come back to America, a student was handcuffed and detained by the TSA for 4 hours for having Arabic flashcards. The questions that the TSA agent asked to try to incriminate him are so ridiculous and off the mark that my head began to hurt watching this video.

I hope he wins his lawsuit with a big settlement.

If you’re carrying an Arabic phrasebook through an American airport, be afraid. Be very afraid…

Is This How Cleopatra Felt?

Organizing a family reunion or trip for strangers is usually bad enough. When you organize a trip for 80 people, friends and family, in a foreign country, that is either bravery, or stupidity. This organizer is the brave one and pulled off a successful cruise in Egypt on the Nile with people flying in from all over the world.

The 20 best European hostels for couples

It may be too late for Valentine’s Day but how about next weekend for you and your boo. Saving money while you travel is very sexy…

Insider travel tips from 10 experts

These tips relate to England so if you’re going to be there or live there currently, you will find some useful ideas there.

A List No Hotel Wants to Be On

TripAdvisor came out with its annual list of the worst hotels, and now have it by region. Some of the comments from some of the places you should avoid:

“I don’t think I can say anymore than this is the worst place I have ever stayed in my whole entrie life. Cockroaches…smelly…….yuk!”

“On our last night we had someone break into our room whilst we were fast asleep in the room.”

“…the room smelt of urine, the towels smelt musty, there was mold on the walls and curtains, the lift was literally right near our heads so we didn’t get a decent nights sleep over the course of the break….I thought it was a disgrace, it should be condemned!”

With the Internet there is NO need to have the experiences of these travelers or to be booked in any of these places. Learn from the mistakes of others and read about places you shouldn’t book online.

Baggage Fees for US Based Airlines

Fees are going up again and this handy chart will give you the ability to know which US carrier is charging what. Airlines are bringing us in with low advertised fares and then charging for everything they can get away with. Note the charge by American for a pillow and blanket. Understand that if American gets away with it, other airlines will do it to.

Spirit Airlines Shows Fuel Costs

Not that it makes much difference to you, but interesting to see how much of the fuel cost goes into your ticket.

What else can airlines charge us for?

Funny skit on a pilot telling the passengers what they can and will be charged for. If you don’t want to listen to the whole entire podcast you can scroll down and read the text.

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